Many of our students have been begging us for the blades we have been demoing at classes for the last year but none were available outside of our prototypes. For over a year now in numerous 40 day survival instructor courses we have been testing this blade in the field. After a year of assessment in our courses and personal survival trips worldwide, we are proud to announce we are finally ready to release the first of a two blade survival knife system.

We loved the Mora style blades so much and have recommended them for so long that we wanted to create something like it but much more durable. And hence the SIGMORA was born. The problem with Mora style blades is the weakness of their handle construction. So we made one with a full tang in some of the toughest steel on the market. We also added a pommel scraper for making the finest tinder material with ease. Then we made a custom kydex sheath for it and that is what we recommend, as it outperforms leather in many aspects. Though leather is good we don’t prefer it for numerous reasons.

The SIGMORA is the culmination of what we have been looking for in a bushcraft knife for almost a decade now. We aren’t trying to tell you that this is the ultimate one tool option because we don’t believe in that philosophy. A solid knife is the first of many tools you need for wilderness survival, but that knife should be dependable enough that if you had to survive with only that then you would be fine. Your knife is not something you can afford to have break on you in the field in hostile environments where you depend on it. Your choice of bushcraft blade should be one of your most important decisions for survival and this is one of the pieces of gear we recommend spending some money on. The two most important things to spend your money on is your sleep system and your wood working tools. Those items will ensure that you have a comfortable stay with the right training.

With the SIGMORA, we wanted something that was extremely durable with only the finest steel, yet something that was also a very good cutter. If your knife doesn’t do the job well you task it with, then the blade isn’t of much use no matter how durable it is. So there must be a good mix of durability as well as extremely good cutting efficiency. The knife we wanted should also have a neutral grip that created no hot spots on your hand. Rust was also a big deal for us since we are in wet conditions constantly.

This knife is primarily designed to handle light to medium bushcraft tasks and should be used for those purposes. If large chopping is required then you should be using your hatchet, larger knife, or your folding saw. Your knife, your axe, and your folding saw are your most important bushcraft tools by far.

The second knife in the set will be coming out later next year. The SIGMORA is designed to be piggy backed onto the larger Standard blade and the kydex is already setup to attach to larger blade when it is released. We believe two is one and one is none! So we always advocate carrying two knives and those two types of blades should be a fine scandi grind knife and a larger chopper type blade to accompany it. The majority of your bushcraft work will be done with the SIGMORA but you need a larger more durable blade for other projects that might damage a scandi grind style knife. The Scandi grind will never be as durable as a sabre grind, but it cuts much better. So why not carry both, and we totally recommend carrying at least 2 knives in the wilderness!

We’ve found CPM3V to be the most durable steel we have ever used for a bushcraft knife. We aren’t trying to say other steels aren’t good, but this is probably the best we have tried for what we want in a survival knife. It is the choice of numerous high end custom knife makers for a reason. It has extremely good rust resistance, super durable steel, holds an edge forever, high carbon, and has some fantastic hand sculpted handles for the best grip.

For many people this knife will be out of their budget and that is fine. There are tons of solid bushcraft blades on the market for less money. But if you want professional grade equipment that has already been tried and tested in the toughest conditions by full time survival instructors. Then this is the one we recommend! Of all the blades we have worked with at SIGMA 3, the SIGMORA is our favorite knife to date! This is the only blade that cuts like a Mora but is as durable as a crow bar! Tough to find a design like this anywhere in a high end steel for any cheaper than this. You make the call but these won’t last long!

This was our first run.  Check our store for current stock of new Sigma knife models!





Sigma 3 will now offer a Veteran Discount on all domestic courses! SIGMA 3 instructor staff is made up heavily of combat veterans, and we want to serve the veteran community by providing affordable training for our brothers in arms. As a thank you, for all that you do or have done; we want to offer you savings of 25% OFF!

The Founder of the school is a combat veteran, and he has always tried to serve the veteran community in any way he can by helping vets with discounts and free training giveaways. He understands the need for escape from normal life, and the need for veterans to unwind and enjoy the beauty of the wilderness. Whether it be as a hobby, or something you want to do as a full time instructor for us by completing our 45 Day Survival Instructor course. If wilderness training or survival is your thing… and you served our country honorably, then SIGMA 3 wants to be your choice! Come train and learn with us at a discounted rate. We have handpicked THE BEST Instructors in this industry. Maybe we are a tad bias, but these guys get great reviews constantly and we are positive you will enjoy your time with our family of instructors around the country!


All you need do to get this discount is provide a copy of your military ID or other proof that you served, and we will send you the discount code to plug into the payment system. You are welcome to blot out any personal info you don’t want to disclose on your personal military information. We just need to be sure you have served, so you must prove it in some form or fashion.

Just Contact Us for further information! Or call 417-522-8172

Wild Sumac Margaritas

The official summer drink here at SIGMA 3, has got to be Sumac Lemonade. What a tangy and invigorating flavor! We love sumac lemonade and we also love margarita’s so we thought, why not mix the two together and make an awesome wild summer drink for your parties! This is one of the simplest drinks to make. Here is all you need!

Ingredients for 1 gallon

4 cups of sumac seeds (add more for extra flavor); Rhus Coppalina, winged sumac or any type of sumac seeds other than poison sumac.
1 cup of sugar or honey
Bag of ice and 1 gallon of water
1 bottle of tequila (mix it like yah like)

How to:

-Use a fork to separate the seeds from the stalk. Add the seeds to the water. Set in sun for 12-24 hrs.
-Remove from the sun and strain seeds from water using cheese cloth.
-Add ice to your blender half way. Pour half to ¾ full with sumac lemonade solution into blender. Add 1 cup of sugar.
-Add as much tequila as yah like. Keep it country! And blend it up!
Optional: You can also add frozen fruit or fresh fruit to the mix. Adds sweetness and texture to the summer drink.


WARNING: Don’t confuse with Poison Sumac, Toxicodendron vernix. This can cause horrible dermatitis. The two plants have completely different color seed heads and poison sumac usually only grows in salt swamps and in specific areas in the south, so it is difficult to misidentify the two. But beware of this plant and make sure you have identified the plant positively.

That’s it. Super simple and well worth the effort if you have sumac in your area. You can make sumac margaritas for any get together and your friends will be impressed with your wild foraging abilities. This drink is guaranteed to be a hit at your next get together. Make sure to watch the how to video below and please add your commentary and thoughts!

The best bushcraft knife for under $75 is by far and away the Mora Bushcraft knife. There are a lot of good blades on the market for the money and I have tried most of them. But I still keep coming back to this one knife. In fact, even though I have several high end custom survival knives, I still find myself carrying a Mora Bushcraft knife at many of our survival courses. It is always in my go bag as a backup knife to my main survival knife set as well. It’s just a handy setup to have around. Figuring out the best bushcraft knife can be a difficult task for the beginner and we are taking all the homework out of it for you. Trust us, we have beat the hell out of this knife in dozens of survival courses and we have yet to see one fail! They aren’t the toughest knife on the market, but they are the best wood cutter and best bushcraft knife for general uses.

For less than $75, you get the best bushcraft knife from Mora, a good firestarter, and a sharpening stone built right onto the blade. It’s an all in one survival kit on your side, because if you have a knife you can build anything else that you need with it in the wilderness. Survival and bushcraft is about improvising tools from the local landscape around you and the most important tool to do that is a good blade. Now many companies have tried to reinvent the wheel with all these fancy survival knives that have come out in recent years. But the simple truth about survival knives is that you don’t have to have a super steel, but you do need to have super good design. And the Bushcrafter fits the bill in all respects! The Mora is so good because of its comfortable handle design and a very well designed blade.

The Scandinavian style grind on the Mora is designed to fly through wood. It is a flat grind that is somewhat similar in its cutting efficiency to a chisel. It was simply designed to cut through wood easily and efficiently. This makes bushcrafting chores a breeze and time is money in the bush. Your knife should do the task quickly and should cut through the wood easily. That is the single most important thing a knife has to do when you have several bushcraft chores.

The best bushcraft knife is also a high carbon steel which is good for making fire with a flint and charred tinder. You always go with high carbon steel for survival and not stainless. Never get a stainless steel blade unless you plan to be in or around the water all the time. The high carbon blades just have to many advantages to not use them over the stainless versions. The knife also comes with a fixed belt loop and a swinging dangler belt loop for either type of carry. The belt loops detach quickly and a very secure in their construction. It comes with a great sheath, but there are also a lot of options to upgrade your sheath through custom kydex making companies such as Grizzly Kydex

The diamond sharpening steel does a great job on quickly putting an edge on the high carbon steel. And since it is conveniently located on the sheath, you will always be sure to have a sharpener when the task is needed. A dull blade is a dangerous blade, so always keep your tools sharp. And don’t forget knife safety when doing bushcrafting. The blade should never be cut towards any body part. Never carve on your legs or over the tops of your palms. You never know what could happen. I always say the best knife safety learning always comes from cutting yourself really bad one time, and you will never do it again. Don’t learn the hard way, practice safe methods. So be safe and get yourself a Mora knife for our survival classes today! As they are definitely the Best Bushcraft Blade for our courses. SEMPER PARATUS!

Here is an independent review on the Mora Bushcraft knife:


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