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Wild Sumac Margaritas

Wild Sumac Margaritas

The official summer drink here at SIGMA 3, has got to be Sumac Lemonade. What a tangy and invigorating flavor! We love sumac lemonade and we also love margarita’s so we thought, why not mix the two together and make an awesome wild summer drink for your parties! This is one of the simplest drinks to make. Here is all you need!

Ingredients for 1 gallon

4 cups of sumac seeds (add more for extra flavor); Rhus Coppalina, winged sumac or any type of sumac seeds other than poison sumac.
1 cup of sugar or honey
Bag of ice and 1 gallon of water
1 bottle of tequila (mix it like yah like)


How to:

-Use a fork to separate the seeds from the stalk. Add the seeds to the water. Set in sun for 12-24 hrs.
-Remove from the sun and strain seeds from water using cheese cloth.
-Add ice to your blender half way. Pour half to ¾ full with sumac lemonade solution into blender. Add 1 cup of sugar.
-Add as much tequila as yah like. Keep it country! And blend it up!
Optional: You can also add frozen fruit or fresh fruit to the mix. Adds sweetness and texture to the summer drink.


WARNING: Don’t confuse with Poison Sumac, Toxicodendron vernix. This can cause horrible dermatitis. The two plants have completely different color seed heads and poison sumac usually only grows in salt swamps and in specific areas in the south, so it is difficult to misidentify the two. But beware of this plant and make sure you have identified the plant positively.

That’s it. Super simple and well worth the effort if you have sumac in your area. You can make sumac margaritas for any get together and your friends will be impressed with your wild foraging abilities. This drink is guaranteed to be a hit at your next get together. Make sure to watch the how to video below and please add your commentary and thoughts!

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