Welcome to SIGMA 3 Survival School, the Institute for Self Reliance! The most comprehensive multi-environment school on the planet! There isn’t a school on the planet that offers a program of this type anywhere and it our goal to set the bar for survival instructors worldwide! The SIGMA 3 Survival Instructor Course is our most difficult training program and we will teach you everything you need to know about surviving in any environment on the planet. Students that attend this program will be tested throughout each program to a series of standards that involve a wide range of tests to prove they are capable of surviving in a wide range of environments. We use to run a 6 month apprentice program where all the training was focused at our headquarters and we found that with only one environment to train in that it limited the students exposure to a wide range of skills.

We have since eliminated the apprentice program and replaced it with a multi-environment training system to include all the major worldwide ecosystems. The course will now include a medical component that is mandatory to graduate to higher levels. This is to insure that each instructor is capable of dealing with all types of injuries in the field for the safety of their students. The Level 1 instructor course is the most important program to take to be successful in this program and in order to be a certified SIGMA 3 instructor you must take the level 1 course before being able to teach for us. However you don’t have to take the Lvl 1 course in order to attend our other instructor courses. It is highly recommended that you have a minimum of some basic survival skills for these other courses, otherwise you may not gain much from starting with more advanced courses. You don’t need any prior experience to attend our level 1 program, we will teach you everything you need to know and over the years of taking the entire series of courses, you will gain all the experience and knowledge you need!


Level 1 Requirements:

  • Level 1 Survival Instructor Program (45 Days)- You must successfully demonstrate all aspects of this course to move on and graduate level 2 & 3. You can take the other programs first and knock them out if more convenient for your schedule. But you can’t teach until you graduate the Lvl 1
  • You must prove yourself during our SERE program and Scout Survival. There are several missions in each course and each must completed for successful graduation. If you fail one aspect of the course, you can come back and take only that section of the course at a later date.

Level 2 Requirements:

  • Jungle Survival Course (7 Days) This course will focus on hot/wet weather survival in the jungles of Costa Rica with expert instructors and local indigenous indians that have been practicing these skills for a lifetime.
  • Coastal Survival Course (3 Days)- This course will cover coastal foraging and living off the land next to the ocean. It will also cover how to survive if you are lost at sea and the tactics you can use in order to get rescued. This course is combined with our Jungle Survival Course (10 Days Total)

Level 3 Requirements:

  • Arctic Survival Course (7 Days)- The Arctic course will cover all aspects of travel and survival in very cold conditions of Sweden. It will be led by instructor Toby Cowern, who has a lifetime of survival experience in the Arctic surviving with the Sami people of Sweden.
  • Desert Survival Course *Coming Soon*- In the Desert Instructor program we will cover all the major things of importance for arid/hot desert environments. You will be taught how to live in this very tough environment.
  • Wilderness First Aid Course (3-10 Days) Taking a wilderness first aid course is extremely important so that instructors know how to deal with all types of injuries in the field. Wilderness First Aid, Wilderness First Responder, OR Wilderness EMT certification are required.
  • You must successfully host and teach at least 3 basic standard courses before full graduation to Lvl 3
  • You must successfully host and teach at least 5 weekend courses. The teaching requirements are to provide experience in dealing with students and running basic courses before we will allow you to teach the advanced programs such as Scout Survival.

SIGMA 3 strives to produce the best survival instructors in the world and we will accept nothing less than 120% effort during each program. There are no standards for survival instructors in our industry, so we are moving to set the bar for everyone else to keep up with. We are the school that teaches the teachers, and we are separating the men from the boys.

You must prove yourself capable of leading groups in these difficult skills and show that you can work with people even in the worst conditions. The way the program is designed you will not be able to complete it quickly and will have to get lots of dirt time in between each course. By having that time in between each major component of the course, we will  insure that each instructor practices these skills to prepare for the next level! This will enable you to get lots of experience in using these skills on your own and only the people with great amounts of drive will successfully complete the program. You have to want it BAD! NO QUITTING!

We are the only Multi Environment Survival Instructor program on the planet. No one else has this breadth of training anywhere in the world. We have accomplished this by recruiting only the best instructors from across multiple disciplines and bringing them under the SIGMA 3 Flag. We are a highly organized unit of instructors worldwide that are working together to create THE STANDARD for survival training. Customers will have no worries of training under a self proclaimed experted with no verifiable experience to speak about. Our students will know that if they train under a SIGMA 3 Survival Instructor, that he has been tested to the max in all types of environments and they can be sure the quality of instruction they are getting is only the best! By striving for that standard of training, SIGMA 3 is quickly becoming the biggest name in the survival industry.

What is the benefit of attending these courses?

  • Experiences in the wilderness that can’t be matched by any other school in the world.
  • The opportunity to make money under a recognized name in the outdoor industry. The profit split is largely in your favor!
  • Potential to become either a School owner with your own location and land, or a sub-contractor with a job and the ability to utilize the many pieces of property we are buying across the country.
  • Self Reliance skills in every major environment on the planet. We are the only school that offers courses like this will run consistently. If you want to learn these skills in a comprehensive manner, you must learn to survive in multiple environments.
  • A sense of self confidence that can’t be gained through any type of other training. Nothing is more freeing than knowing you can provide for all your basic needs anywhere in the world and under any conditions with minimal tools. Self Reliance = Self Confidence

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