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The Institute of SELF RELIANCE Survival School SIGMA 3 Learn Everything you need to know about Comprehensive 3 Tier Training System Bushcraft & Survival For the ULTIMATE Experience Become a Survival Instructor 45 Day Wilderness Immersion Program Slide


Most immersive and intense program we offer. Become a certified SIGMA 3 instructor in 45 Days!

Completely comprehensive survival & bushfcraft program with 3-7 day courses. Best for most people!

These programs cover the highlights of our longer courses. Best for locals and those with limited time.


  • 3 Part Survival Training System for all skill levels
  • Bushcraft and Wilderness Survival Skills
  • Wild Crafting and Herbal Medicine
  • Long Term Survival Instructor Programs
  • WaterBorne Survival & Rescue Courses
  • Urban Survival & Escape and Evasion
  • Financing Available for all courses!

Survival Instructor Course

Our most difficult and rewarding program!
$ 3247 45 Days of Bushcraft & Survival
  • All our courses rolled into one program!
  • Fully Immersive Survival Experience
  • Learn everything in one immersive class!
  • Become a certified SIGMA 3 Instructor!

Survival Standard

$ 595 5 Days of NON Stop Learning
  • Learn Basic & Adv Survival Skills
  • Laid back and fun atmosphere!
  • First course in 3 tier training system!
  • Great for families and groups!


Tactical Escape and Evasion Training
$ 348 7 Days of Tactical Trainings
  • Learn to escape & evade!
  • SERE teaches a huge array of tactical skills
  • Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape
  • Protect yourself in violent situations!
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S3= Scout. Survive. Sustain
Learn to live off the land with just a knife!

About Us

SIGMA 3 stands for Scout, Survive, Sustain. This sums up what our programs are all about: teaching people how to scout, survive, and sustain in any environment around the world, with just a few tools and your wits. The survival skills we teach are universal and will work anywhere in the world to keep you safe and provide for your basic needs. Shelter, water, fire, food, tools, navigation, basic first aid, and security are needs every single human must have met in order to survive. These fundamentals needs must be met everywhere you travel, and with what you'll learn at SIGMA 3, you'll have a basis of skills that will enable you to fulfill these core human needs primitively. That is going to send your confidence levels skyrocketing and prepare you for adventuring in the wild or encountering potentially deadly situations.

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