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If you don’t get us, just try back. Its best to just try again later, or send text rather than leave a voicemail. Email can be sometimes slow with us being in the field a lot. Just submit your questions via the form above and we will get back with you ASAP! But keep in mind that we are a school of instructors and field experts. Not admin and logistical people. Sometime there is a delay on getting back to you immediately and it is best to try again via phone if you don’t get us. Sorry for any inconvenience, but sometimes the correspondence is overwhelming for staff and we spend a LOT of time in the wilderness training. Thanks for your continued patience and support of our school!

Satellite Instructors should only be contacted for questions relating to classes you have paid for, directions, or specific event location questions. For all general questions about training, please contact the Missouri Headquarters number listed above.

Survival Store: For all questions concerning our Survival Gear or Equipment from survival store please contact: 412-523-1010 Our store SurvivalGear. us handles all shipping, equipment, and survival gear sales. They can answer all your questions relating to the store!


Rob Allen (Owner & Lead Instructor)


Call or Text: 417-522-8172


M-F 9:00am-4:00pm (CST)

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