Sigma 3 will now offer a Veteran Discount on all domestic courses! SIGMA 3 instructor staff is made up heavily of combat veterans, and we want to serve the veteran community by providing affordable training for our brothers in arms. As a thank you, for all that you do or have done; we want to offer you savings of 25% OFF!

The Founder of the school is a combat veteran, and he has always tried to serve the veteran community in any way he can by helping vets with discounts and free training giveaways. He understands the need for escape from normal life, and the need for veterans to unwind and enjoy the beauty of the wilderness. Whether it be as a hobby, or something you want to do as a full time instructor for us by completing our 45 Day Survival Instructor course. If wilderness training or survival is your thing… and you served our country honorably, then SIGMA 3 wants to be your choice! Come train and learn with us at a discounted rate. We have handpicked THE BEST Instructors in this industry. Maybe we are a tad bias, but these guys get great reviews constantly and we are positive you will enjoy your time with our family of instructors around the country!


All you need do to get this discount is provide a copy of your military ID or other proof that you served, and we will send you the discount code to plug into the payment system. You are welcome to blot out any personal info you don’t want to disclose on your personal military information. We just need to be sure you have served, so you must prove it in some form or fashion.

Just Contact Us for further information! Or call 417-522-8172

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  1. Willie Acker
    Willie Acker says:

    I’m a former army medic and a disabled veteran I’m interested in learning and teaching on a part time bases

  2. James Daly
    James Daly says:

    I must admit that I’m surprised to see there are no comments on this and its been up since my birthday 3 years ago lol. Any way I served in the Marines on active duty from 2000 to 2004, then with the ANG from 2006 to 2012. Becoming an instructor in survival and bushcraft is something I’ve definetly been interested in.

  3. Ken Corigliano
    Ken Corigliano says:

    Hello my spouse thinks she’s a hot shot and can survive one of these things. I’m Air Force active duty. What would we need to do to make this happen?

  4. Kaleb Salazar
    Kaleb Salazar says:


    My wife an I would like to attend the survival standard course in March. I am currently active duty Air Force and was hoping to apply a military discount to the purchase of two tickets. Which email can I provide proof of service to?

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