“Casting Call for people interested in participating in a TV show about our Survival Instructor Program. Participation in this program may get you a slot on our TV show, as well as free training and travel. Not to mention the chance of a lifetime to do survival training in remote places worldwide. You may be paid for all these episodes as well. Details are still being worked out. This is a major TV network and a great opportunity to test yourself in the wilds with survival instructors from all over the world.” Rob Allen; President and Head Instructor

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Welcome to SIGMA 3, the leading school in extreme survival, tailored for only the bushcraft elite.

Do you have what it takes to become a certified Sigma 3 instructor?

Can you survive being dropped in a remote wilderness with nothing but a knife? Are you confident that you could build a waterproof shelter, start a fire and procure water using only that blade? Do you want to add on to your already extensive bushcraft knowledge to become the ultimate level of survival expert, a Sigma 3 instructor? We are casting men and women who want to take on Sigma 3’s intense 45-day instructor test for a new show on a MAJOR CABLE NETWORK.

If you think you have what it takes email: [email protected] right away with SUBJECT LINE: CASTING: YOUR FULL NAME. Please include a few photos of yourself and tell us about yourself and your experience with wilderness survival and bushcrafting.


Check out our brand new signs that we have added to our main survival camp in Arkansas. The signs are at the entrance to the primitive camp, where we have examples of dozens of different survival shelter types. Group photos will now be taken under the sign after every class. We will also be adding new signs to our upcoming 3D archery range, the primitive weapons golf course, and the primitive trapping area round robin that we are building! We have also recently added two 18′ Tipi’s to the survival camp for our apprentices to sleep in. More is coming to the training schedule soon and don’t forget to check out our deal in the Survival Store.

Also if you haven’t checked the schedule we now have classes in Virginia at a large permaculture farm. We have classes coming up right after Christmas, so if you are the east coast and havebeen wanting to train with us then here is your chance! Survival Training Calendar









After a years worth of work and organizing, we have finally opened the online survival store. We have teamed up with a professional distributor to help us stream line completing sales and getting the product to our students and customers. SIGMA 3 instructors are not professional retailers so we wanted to team up with the right people to deliver the products in the most professional manner possible so our customers are as happy as possible. We wanted a system that was already streamlined. So the people we work with are extremely professional and your products will be delivered in a timely manner, consistent with your expectations. No mom and pop operation is running the store, it’s a company with a worldwide reputation for delivery and retail logistics. But most of the products on the store are SIGMA 3 tested and approved by our cadre. And we will be doing tons of testing videos on these items to show you what we think about them. No BS assessments on the quality of products via our youtube videos. We will let you know what your paying for!


Some of the new items we will be featuring:

Our Top knife pic for under $65:

Our favorite economical hammock:

The best stainless steel canteen on the market:

Upcoming items:
-More military and tactical gear
-Custom SIGMA 3 apparel including: T-shirts, patches, hats, SIGMA 3 dog tags, stickers, and much more! In other words, lots of swag to come.

The store is not the end all and be all of survival gear yet, we are working to add new products everyday. But our goal is to have a line of survival gear that everyone can afford and can be proud to own. Quality comes first, and cost second. We will have a wide range of prices and quality of gear to give you the most options for your bushcraft budget! Not only will we have lower priced options on survival gear, but we will also be providing very high end options for the best of the best in survival gear! The equipment we sell is only equipment that SIGMA 3 believes in and we won’t sell an item we don’t feel is very good or worth putting our name behind. Our reputation for training is more important than selling the most survival gear. We want you to be assured that if you buy something from the SIGMA 3 Survival Store, that you will be satisfied with the product and that it is the quality that you can count your life on. For a reasonable price!


Thank you for supporting the school all these years and we look forward to servicing your survival gear needs. You can count on SIGMA 3! If you support SIGMA’s endeavor to spread self reliance all over the world, then please support our store. All the funds from the sale will go improving training and the distribution of free survival info via our blog and youtube channel. The more you support us, the more free info we can provide you.
If you have a product suggestion for us to add to the store, please contact us and let us know what it is.

Robert Allen
SIGMA 3 Survival School

Making homemade dog food is so simple that your gonna slap yourself on the head, and say “why didn’t I think of that”. All you do is keep your leftover food from dinners, the trap line, and any other way that you have extra meat scrapes, rice, or vegetable leftovers. You blend them up and feed em to your pups! Now remember that there a lot of foods you don’t want to put in your dog’s food, and Almeda will explain those to you in the video below. Most dog foods bought from store don’t contain all the essential nutrients that your dogs need so we as responsible owners should do something to supplement their needs. In the dog food production industry, the factories will heavily boil all the protein and it will destroy the essential enzymes your dog needs. That is one of the many reasons that making your dog some supplemental food is so important. Corporate America isn’t going to look out for your pups, so you’re going to have to do that by getting educated on what your animal needs. And since most people have an excess of scraps from their kitchen that they are just going to throw out anyway, it’s a no brainer and a perfect answer to our dog’s needs.
Permaculture is the idea of permanent culture, to use the available resources that you have around you in abundance to meet all your sustainable living needs. Here at SIGMA 3, we are growing our company in a much greener way than many other corporations. We believe that it is important to leave less of a footprint here on earth so that we have less impact on the surrounding ecosytems. Not to get all bush hippy on you guys, but we all have to start changing our ways and learn to live in harmony with the land. Homesteading and permaculture is the future of a sustainable world and we need to all get educated on it. We have to use what we have and create very little waste. Creating closed loop systems is the key to securing a sustainable future for everyone. Essentially we should mimic nature and leave nothing to waste. And by using existing systems nature has created for us, we can lessen our work load and do more for the environment.
It is amazing to see some of the recent technology has been created through Bio Mimicry technology. Please google it and look at some of the amazing technological feats that have been accomplished from sampling learning techniques from nature. What the modern world is just now starting to figure out, is that nature already had the answers figured out long ago and all that we need is to have awareness of our surroundings. We must be aware of how everything works in nature and learn how those sustainable systems have been created, and then try to mimic it.
Creating your own home made dog food can be one way of helping your animals health and using permaculture to make an impact on your footprint. This may sound dramatic, but every little bit helps! So hopefully you will enjoy this video and start using your leftover scraps for your dog’s greater health. Tune in for more blogs to come on all kinds of topics to cover: permaculture, survival skills, upcoming school news, and much more! If you have an interest in learning these skills to improve your life, make sure to check out our instructor programs so that you can immerse yourself into these skills. Thanks again for your support. Please share this video and article with others!


Hey Everyone,

Well we wrapped up another TV shoot with another awesome organization, the Sportsman Channel. SIGMA 3 was recently featured in the new show called “America Unplugged” hosted by Cade Courtley. The show is about preppers and survivalists that are on the path to getting off the grid and it’s a well done documentary about our lifestyle here at SIGMA 3. The show focuses on our efforts to build a self reliant homestead. Each new episode will feature a new family or group of Off Grid Survivalists. If you hated Doomsday Preppers because of the Tin Foil crazies, then you will definitely like this well thought out documentary that skips the sensationalism and gets right to the heart of how important self reliance is to everyone. We did the shoot prior to the build out of many of our homestead projects and it was in the middle of winter, so the episode doesn’t display all the awesome progress we have made on the garden and survival camp. But it was still a great episode on the philosophy of self reliance and the necessity to unplug from the grid!
We have been in the process of building out several homestead projects over the last year and we are still in the beginning phases of building a permaculture based farming setup. Our goal is to reduce our waste to as little as possible, grow most of our food needs, supply our own electricity via solar, raise various types of cattle, and become as self reliant as we possibly can. We aren’t just about wilderness and urban survival, but also homesteading and permaculture based skills as well.

We are currently still building our the Urban Farming model here at the homestead. Our idea is to create an urban design that almost anyone can incorporate if they have even a small amount of space. We are going to show all the various urban gardening techniques, so that people can pick and choose what they need for their place. This project should be completed by the end of 2014 and we will keep blogging our updates so stay tuned for future projects.

The show also covers some our wilderness survival training and it outlines how important it is to not over emphasize your gear based preparations, and instead train your mind to create everything you need from minimal resources. It encompasses our philosophy of walking off onto the land with nothing but a knife and surviving indefinitely! Please check out this episode and share it in other survival forums so that we can spread the word about Self Reliance. These old school skills are the key to our future and lets share these truths with as many people as we can. So stop sitting on the sidelines and get active in pushing these skills to your friends. Because there might come a day when you are going to depend on these same people for your life and you want them to have the best training and education they can get. Whether it’s through SIGMA 3, home training, or some other organization; make sure you get prepared today by doing some training!






Rob Allen
SIGMA 3 Survival School


Let me introduce myself, my name is Tom, I’m an EMT who just graduated from the 40 day course at Sigma 3 Survival School Survival Instructor Program. I’ve practiced emergency medicine in a variety of areas, and these tips I have listed have helped me greatly in my travels in Central America and Mexico. Prior to graduating the instructor program I lived in Central America for 6 years doing various security jobs and working in remote spots in the jungle.

Recently I took a trip down to Cananea Mexico to do some work with the Cruz Roja Mexicana or Red Cross of Mexico. While I was there in addition to my work, I wanted to pick up some Lidocaine for suturing and some antibiotics and bring that back to the states for personal use.

Now jumping across the border to get supplies isn’t something you want to do without prior preparation. Proper planning prevents piss poor performance! A couple of things that you definitely want to remember when traveling to any foreign country is to make absolutely sure that your paperwork is in order. If all your documents are squared away, it will make the wait time a little less difficult. Second to that is making sure that your story coincides with what your doing there. You don’t want to be heading to Mexico or leaving and tell them your just there visiting, you will have a mile long list of questions to answer. If you were just visiting then have a good answer prepared, an example would be, just coming back from Cancun were I was on vacation for x amount of days. Leave it very simple and basic. Most of the time all of your questions are going to be when you are coming back into the U.S. But don’t say you’re going on vacation to border guards and not have the proper items in your vehicle to substantiate your travel. If you say something, they are trained to look for items in your vehicle to back up your claims, so make sure your story is well thought out beforehand.


Now a couple of little tricks that really help out your situation is speaking the language, if your somewhat fluent you will be able to navigate the situation a whole lot smoother than someone who is not. Know who you are going with, if your headed into a hostile environment then you need to know who is watching your back.

CLEAN your car! Your car should be sanitized before you leave the house! What do I mean by that? Also you want to ask yourself what is in your car right now that may have some shady questionability? Not necessarily to you but to the other person, to the trained professional that is paid to look for something, anything he may be able to use against you. Documents in the glove box that pertain to an old ticket perhaps or that ATM stub. Now they have reasonable suspicion to see if you paid that ticket or if you have any FTA’s. All of this will delay the process of you having a speedy exit. That is your goal, a speedy exit without divulging a whole lot of info about yourself or where you were or what you were doing.

So guys here’s a small list of thing’s that you can do before you head out
1) Sanitize your vehicle, Clean out the trunk and glove box except for necessity items
2) Make sure your passport or travel card is up to date and everything is squared away
3) Check your bags to make sure there is nothing of a suspicion nature.
4) Always bring a small medical kit with you this is a real good kit that is just the essentials http://www.amazon.com/Adventue-Medical-Travel-Medic-Kit/dp/B001RN35GU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1401997020&sr=8-1&keywords=adventure+medical+kits+travel
5) If traveling to a Spanish speaking country and you don’t speak the language then get an app for you phone that helps translate or a small translation dictionary.
6) Get maps of the area if possible, even in Mexico they have car rental places, they always hand out free maps of the area.
7) Make sure you have means to charge your phone if for some reason you cannot plug it in. The Goal Zero’s are great and have been tested in the field at Sigma 3 extensively.
8) If your there to procure medical supplies then you need to get a script, most Pharmacia’s will write you one for a small fee. Buy in bulk and keep your doctors “note” while coming back over the border.
9) Make sure you have some sort of personal protection on you and the proper training on how to use it. I would always recommend a quality neck knife that’s easily deployable. Coldsteel has some great one’s for a very reasonable price, if nothing else Kubotans are useful as well.
10) Have an Exit Plan put in place, have money put aside in your shoes or bra or somewhere out of site that if thing’s go wrong or your robbed you have something to fall back on. Keep some kind of escape and evasion kit on you for potential SERE situations. Hidden handcuff keys, etc.
Next time I will cover how to move about in hostile environments and what you need to do to not arouse suspicion. Thanks guys stay safe and stay ready! Semper Paratus “Always Prepared”



Have you ever studied war in your life? Story usually goes like this: “You divide, and then conquer”. Simply put anyway. Then the victor writes the history books and to them the spoils go. But I tell you, my friends, that the pen has always been mightier than the sword.

People don’t pay too much mind to psychological warfare, but it can be one of the deadliest weapons on the battlefield. If you control the flow of information, then you can control how people think and, therefore, influence their thought processes. This is a powerful weapon when wielded correctly, and controlling the mind that controls the hand is far more effective than trying to defeat the hand that wields the sword. Read Sun Tzu or some of the other ancient warfare books out there and they will all say the same thing. The art of war is deception.

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” Sun Tzu

American Media Manipulation

Ever think about why the media is always talking about the liberals this or the conservatives that? Complaining about how the other party is all liars and asking people to choose sides? Why do we need sides or labels? They are nothing more than tools to create division. We’re red meat eating Americans, damnit, enough said. The problem is you get people trying to label themselves as this ideology or that, but in the end all it does is cause division. At the end of the day, we are all American and we all bleed the same color. Regardless of religion, race, creed, or whatever your beliefs are, we are all still Americans.  So use logic and see things with an open mind when it comes to dealing with our brethren. Because if we are all united and if we all stand together and forget our differences then we are STRONG! No nation on this planet can touch America; we are a nation of warriors with a technological and psychological advantage on our enemies. The only thing that can bring America down is Americans.

If you ever participated in trading the stock markets during and especially before the crash, then you have a good idea on how the markets can be affected by propaganda. I swear the only thing you heard for a solid year before the big crash in 2008 is how bad things were and how Americans should stop spending. Even though many of the fundamentals still remained good, you constantly heard about how things were contracting even though the numbers weren’t there to justify it. Now it’s easy to make an argument about the housing market contractions, but if people didn’t hear about it every day on the news they would have never known the difference and the contraction would have been much better. They would have continued to spend and the markets would have remained afloat. I know this because I traded stock as well as flipped houses during both crashes and I not only called the real estate market top and got out. Also I was able to pick the bottom of the DOW to within 50 points using a fibonacci sequence, almost a year before it went from 14,000 to almost 6,000. Simply put, if you tell people something all the time and that is all they hear, they tend to believe it and act on it. Even if it is total bullshit!

Hitler said ,”The size of the lie is a definite factor in causing it to be believed,
for the vast masses of a nation are in the depths of their hearts more
easily deceived than they are consciously and intentionally bad. The
primitive simplicity of their minds renders them a more easy prey to a
big lie than a small one, for they themselves often tell little lies,
but would be ashamed to tell big lies.”

I would argue that if you hadn’t hear about these issues 24/7 on the news, then not much would have happened. Anyone who has ever traded professionally knows that the markets are completely built on the psychology behind current market dynamics. If the street believes a stock will be hot, then it will soar even if the fundamentals don’t back the logic. That is why these massive bubbles happen. You can find thousands of examples of stocks that soar through the roof without the financial statistics to support their inflated price. So control the psychology of the markets, and then you control the markets!


The main point I am getting at is this: Don’t buy into the hype and don’t hate your fellow brother because he has a contrary political view. Do your own homework and make your own educated decisions but still love your fellow American even if they’re an idiot. Stupid people need love too! Remember the media is a wedge, a Greek phalanx driving right in between us. Watch FOX and you know they are very far to the right on every issue. Watch MSNBC and you know you’re watching the uber left socialist news network. They’re extreme polar opposites that create great division even though most of us are in the middle politically. They are all bullshit and have only one agenda: to win the war for your mind by whatever means necessary! Reality TV shows like Jersey Shore only exists to distract us from the TRUE reality of things going on behind the scenes. We are living in modern day Rome; TV is the new gladiator coliseum and it is used to appease the masses and keep them occupied and out of the way of the political machinations of the time. Control the masses and you control the empire!

Don’t get run over by the mind warfare games. Get informed and get some damn training! Do it before it’s too late. The mind is the only tool that matters, so train that and all else will fall into place. We are divided, we just aren’t conquered yet. But that is on the way if we don’t wake up! SO WAKE UP, YOU SHEEP, BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!


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