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GI Bill® Announcement and Franchise Opportunities Available again!

SIGMA 3 Survival School is happy to announce that after almost 4 years of work, we have finally been approved for the GI Bill® for our 45 Day Survival Instructor course. Now all veterans will be able to come take survival instructor education with their GI Bill® benefits.

What is the survival instructor course?

It’s a 45 days totally immersive outdoor education on survival and bushcraft, that will give you the necessary skills to survive almost anywhere with little to no modern tools. We put a heavy emphasis on primitive skills so that no matter where you travel you will always be carrying the mental skills to provide for your basic needs.

The program also includes mentorship after the program, should you decide to teach for SIGMA 3 in your location around the country.

How do you apply?

  • If you haven’t already applied for GI Bill® benefits you’ll need to go online and fill out the application located here:
  • Once you’ve been approved for benefits, then all you’ll need to do is transfer your current education benefits to SIGMA 3 Survival School by filling out a VA Form 22-1995:
  • Once this form is completed, then we will need to get things going on our end and get the transfer certified and submitted to the VA so you can utilize your benefits. This process can take up to 30 days, so get the form filled out as soon as you decide you want to do this.
  • After you’ve filled out your VA Form 22-1995, you’ll need to pick an instructor course date. Make sure you contact us via phone before transferring so that we can make sure the process goes correctly. We have an in-house admin person specializing in helping you take full advantage of your benefits.

Franchise Opportunities Available Again!

Previously we had shut down the satellite school program for a while with plans to relaunch that program at a later date. And that date is now! You’ll be able to run your own courses and make money from the training you’ve received. As a graduate of our programs and certified survival instructor you’ll also have access to post on our social media sites which have approximately 350,000 followers as of the date of this article. This will give you lots of people to advertise your services too, should you decide that outdoor education is a career path you want to pursue.

This is a fantastic opportunity for veterans/disabled vets, to make some extra money while teaching on the side and pursuing a career that is fun and fulfilling. You’ll also meet people from all over the world when running programs and find some of what you’ve been missing from your time in service. We truly are a global brotherhood and look forward to training and working with you!

Call Now to see How we can get this process started.

Learn Bushcraft and Survival Skills with Sigma 3's Top Notch and Professional Instructors.
sigma-3-survival-school-learn-bushcraft-and survival-with professional-instructors-gi-bill-s-veterans-survival-training-school-usa

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