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How The Hunter Gatherer is better than The Primitive Bowyer

What do we require as humans to survive?

We require nutritious food, clean water, and adequate shelter. These are basic human essentials that we have used since our forefathers began hunting and gathering. We need to gather such things to stay alive. In the hunter-gather course, you learn how to survive off the land when you begin to hunt and gather.


Why do we require them?

Food and water are required for survival. We cannot survive without them. We need shelter to safeguard ourselves from different components. We will not survive long without shelter. We require all these three necessities for survival.


How do we obtain them?

There are innumerable ways to obtain food. You could either go out and discover it yourself or purchase it at the supermarket. If you wish to know and understand how and where to hunt, trap, and fish, you should look at our hunter-gather course in which we educate you about numerous methods for obtaining food like trapping, hunting, and fishing.


making a trap


Hunting is an excellent method to enhance your diet and obtain fresh meat without having to kill anything. In the hunter-gather course, you can learn how to hunt small game such as rabbits, squirrels, and birds, as well as larger animals such as deer, elk, and moose. Depending on what kind of game you want to catch, you can use a variety of hunting equipment.

If you’re looking for something smaller, a bow and arrow might be a good option. Bows are less difficult to master than crossbows and have less recoil. Crossbows are useful for hunting larger animals, but they require more practice. A rifle is ideal for hunting large game. Before you go out to hunt, ensure that you understand where the animals are going to be and how to use these types of equipment that we taught in this course.




Trapping is equivalent to hunting in that you try to catch the animal rather than shoot it. Traps are typically placed near their source of food, which could be either water or food. Traps can be used to catch small animals such as mice and rats, as well as larger animals such as raccoons, opossums, and skunks. To set up a trap, you must require knowledge, proper training, and strategies which you can gain through our course the hunter-gatherer.


Fishing is an excellent way to consume fish that you would not typically find in a grocery store. You can catch trout, salmon, bass, catfish, and even sharks while fishing. To attract the fish, you can use either bait or a lure.

Bait is typically dead fish that is thrown into the water, whereas lures are live organisms that swim around enticing the fish to bite. Lures are best for river and lake fishing, while baits are better for ocean fishing. Before going fishing, ensure that you understand the basics of fishing through our hunter-gather course.



The hunting and gathering way of life demanded a wide range of abilities and skills, which you can learn through a professional course like the hunter-gather. In the previous course which is primitive bowyer we just focus on teaching how to build a bow for long-term survival but in the hunter-gather course we not just only teach bow making but also teach you about hunting, fishing, and tracking along with the use of different types of equipment and special techniques.


Furthermore, in hunter-gatherer, we also teach you how to construct tents, construct campfires, prepare food, ward off predators, estimate future environmental issues, navigate their hunting and gathering regions, treat injuries and illnesses, assist births, care for newborns, maintain group solidarity, negotiate with neighboring groups, tell stories, make music, and take part in their culture’s numerous dances and rituals.


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