Josh Hamlin


My Goal is to educate people in the art and skill of living with nature. Whether you are interested in living completely off the land, or you are just a weekend hobbyist. I want you to feel as comfortable as possible that you have the knowledge and the ability to handle any situation the great outdoors presents you with, as our ancestors did. I want you to be free from dependence on modern conveniences and confident in your ability to survive and thrive in any wilderness situation.


  • I began training in edible and medicinal plants as a child as soon I was able to read. My Cherokee mother encouraged my training and by the time I was a teen I knew most
  • of the local plants and there uses. I furthered my training as a young adult by working as a landscaper while I paid my way through college, majoring in the field of botany.
  • I worked for several years at a plant nursery, in the plant hospital, caring for and nurturing sick plants back to health
  • spent many years studying and mastering many different styles of martial art which gave me the confidence to immerse myself completely into the wilderness to complete my shamanic and wilderness survival training
  • In 2001 I walked off into the Oklahoma wilderness with only the clothing on my back to live 1 year, it the way of my ancestors. I ended up staying out there for 2 years learning to master myself and many of the skills required to live comfortably in a primitive situation. I spent my days studying the tracks and habits of the many various animals I encountered. Six months into my stay I met a hiker who was a member of the Native American Church and he started bringing friends and church members out to visit me on weekends to take classes from me and my teaching career began
  • In 2003 I returned to society and was offered a position teaching at the Bois D’Arc Primitive Skills Gathering and have been teaching there with some of the best teachers in the world.
  • Also in 2003 I put an ad in the local paper and started teaching wilderness skills and basket making to home school groups.
  • In 2004 I began teaching at Primitive Skills Day festival at the Springfield, MO nature center and still teach there the first weekend of October every year.
  • In 2006 I was offered a teaching position at First Earth Wilderness School, with BO Brown
  • In 2009 I taught primitive crossbows at Dave Canterberry’s Pathfinder Gathering
  • In 2010 I began teaching with esteemed elder, Cecil Hamilton, at his yearly gathering, Primitive Skills Camp, and I am very honored to be able to continue teaching with him for many years to come.
  • I have worked many festivals demonstrating fire starting, basket making, and many other primitive skills. Festivals include Ecofest, Heritage days, Greenfest, and many many more.
  • Fire making techniques
  • Animal traps ( deadfalls, snares, live traps, ect…)
  • Cordage and Weaving
  • Primitive fishing (traps, natural hooks, ect…)
  • Water procurement and purification
  • Bone tools (knives, arrow points, needles, ect)
  • Edible, medicinal and useful plants
  • Hunting weapons (atlatls, bows, crossbows, slings, blowguns, ect)
  • Containers (baskets, coal burned, pottery, ect…)
  • Tracking and Nature Awareness
  • Shelters (wickiups, lean-tos, wigwams, ect…)
  • Night vision and peripheral sight training
  • Reading concentric rings
  • Wilderness listening techniques
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