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Jungle Survival Training Courses

SIGMA 3 Survival School is very proud to announce that we are going GLOBAL and we have now expanded down into the Amazon jungle in Peru. We now have access to two major jungle facilities that have all the amenities one needs for training. One facility is located near town and has all the modern amenities that a jungle village should have and then we have another more remote 1000 acre property that is deep in the jungle. The courses will be a hybrid of a vacation and jungle survival learning experience. You will be immersed into the jungle lifestyle almost immediately and you will not only learn jungle survival skills but you will get to relax and enjoy your time in the jungle as a vacation also. You will have the opportunity to catch your own fish on the beach, harvest your own fruit, and bath in the beautiful waterfalls of the Amazon river. This a huge once in a lifetime opportunity to go on an expedition/vacation that other trips could never compare with. You will travel by boat, boat plane, off road vehicles and more in order to get to our destination. This course will be 14 days plus travel time and cost approximately $3000 with all expenses covered. Your cost to us for the course is $1995 and then you will have to handle your plane flight into Peru and then we will take over from there!. If your interested in going on a jungle survival trip with us to one of the most remote places on the planet then get your reservations now!


What will you learn?

-Primitive Jungle Shelters

-How to procure water in the jungle

-Machete Only Survival

-Friction Fire methods of the Amazon

-How to trap small game and fish

– And so much more!

Click the Pic below for more info!


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