Difficulty Rating: Level 3

Welcome to SERE. The most hardcore civilian SERE training you can get in the world! SERE is not for the faint of heart! Tactical survival is an entirely different challenge than just surviving under normal conditions. When people seek to hurt you and it’s a must to escape and evade; you sure as hell don’t want it to be the first time you have ever done it. Kidnapping is one of the biggest criminal enterprises in the world, and Americans are targets worldwide! Not to mention natural disasters or other calamities that a person might find themselves in, so this course and Urban SERE are going to prepare you for the worst of the worst. You’ve been kidnapped, you have to escape and evade into a hostile environment, the shit hit the fan for real!


SIGMA 3 is going to teach you to perfect your movement skills. Stealth, camouflage, stalking, surveillance and counter surveillance, escape and evasion, and hardcore survival skills will be just some of the skills we cover in these courses. Tactical survival is different than any other kind of survival and this is something unknown to most civilians without previous military training. But the scary thing is that statistically a civilian traveling the world will have a much higher likelihood of being captured by hostiles and killed. Kidnapping is a multi-billion dollar business worldwide and this course will teach you the skills you need to know in safety in whatever hostile area you might find yourself.

You will be hunted and you will be forced to escape and evade expert trackers with a number of advanced resources. This course will take a normal civilian and transform them into someone who capable of escaping illegal custody and disappearing back into a safe zone. When traveling you have to be aware of the tactics that criminals use so that instead of becoming prey you can use counter tactics to protect you and your family. These skills could be used in a SHTF scenario, being kidnapped, economic breakdown, being stuck in a hostile country, evading capture, and much more!


This is not a course designed for military personnel, though all the information is pertinent to military operations as well. In this course, you will learn the tactics of special forces in a package every civilian can use! Do you think you have what it takes to make it through SERE?

For more info visit the class page. Or better yet, give us a call. The number is listed below. We can’t wait to train with you!

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