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5 Days/4 Nights

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The Survival Standard Program is a 3 part survival system designed to teach you the most fundamental principles of survival in the shortest time possible. Our goal as full time survival instructors is to train you to a level so that you understand the core concepts of survival so that you can survive in almost any environment you travel to with a minimal amount of modern tools! The confidence that survival skills gives you is like no other kind of training you can do in the world. At SIGMA 3 we refer to it as the “Martial Arts of Freedom”. Why? Because survival training is the ONLY type of training that will allow you to provide for your core human needs everywhere you travel in the world. With the ability to provide yourself with shelter, water, fire/warmth, food, navigation, medical, and security skills. You’ll be able to travel anywhere your heart desires without the fear that you won’t be able to provide for those core needs. This will empower you to go farther and longer in your outdoor adventures!

This is our most popular wilderness survival training course and it is the first of the 3 standard courses that will cover everything you need to know about bushcraft and survival. This course will cover all the most relevant aspect of short term primitive survival skills necessary to survive in any environment. Together we will build a foundation of skills you can count on when you have nothing else at your disposal. Technology is great and it a wonder of human innovation, but we as a society have become totally dependent upon it. These standard programs will give you the skills to survive when technology fails or things just go wrong!

How the Survival Standard Program Works?

  1. Survival Standard The foundation of your primitive skills. (Phase 1)
  2. Adv Standard This courses adds the long term survival skills. (Phase 1)
  3. Primitive Standard The finishing touches to your primitive skills training. (Phase 1)
  4. Primitive Bowyer Teaches you bow building skills to give you hunting abilities. (Phase 2)
  5. Wild Crafter Will teach you all about how to make medicine, food, and process plants. (Phase 2)
  6. Scout Survival This course puts all the standard courses to test in the field. (Phase 3)


  • Anyone can take this course!
  • Families encouraged, kids 10 & up allowed.
  • Foundational skills that will work anywhere.
  • Bushcraft, survival, & adventuring skills!


  • Shelter

    4 Awesome Primitive Shelters, Tarp & Poncho Setups

  • Water Procurement

    Numerous Primitive Water Procurement Methods

  • Adv Fire Making

    Feather sticking, fire lays, bow drill, ferro rod, & solar

  • Trapping & Wild Plants

    Numerous primitive and modern survival traps, wild plants foraging!

  • Primitive Tools

    Throwing stick, fish gigs, & creating primitive navigation!

  • Cordage and Knot Craft

    Creating primitive cordage from plants & top 10 outdoor knots.


Day 1: Shelter Day! 4 Primitive shelters and numerous tarp setups!

Day 2: Water Procurement. Learn to procure safe water in the wilderness.

Day 3: Fire Making/Friction fire, all night fire, etc. Become a master of making fire in tough conditions!

Day 4: Survival trapping and plant foraging

Day 5: Primitive navigation, natural cordage, and primitive weapons.

If you are arriving by bus or plane, we can pick you up. Contact us to make arrangements. ($40 Transport Fee)

All students may arrive the day before class and camp out at no extra cost. You’re welcome to bring whatever kind of sleeping arrangements you’d like to include: tent, hammock, sleeping bags, etc. You can sleep in primitive shelters we construct during the class, but bring modern shelters in case you change your mind. You will most likely be camping fairly close to your vehicle and don’t expect to hike in long distances. Please text or call us at (417) 522-8172 if you have any questions.

  • Small-Medium Backpack
  • Poncho or Rain Gear
  • Outdoor Clothing
  • Fixed blade knife
  • Folding saw
  • Hatchet or Axe
  • Paracord
  • Overnight Camping Gear

*You don’t need much equipment for our courses, though good equipment does speed the learning process up greatly!

Water will be provided and food is your own choice. You can also purchase food locally once you get here. Walmart and several local eateries are within a close drive.

Change your mind on a class? Just use your credit for something else! Take advantage of sales now and use the funds for whatever later! Maybe the dates aren’t announced or you don’t know what you want? Pay on something now and use the credit later. Credit good for up to three years and transferable to your friends or family!

If you need to cancel and change to another date, you can do it through the course change request form.

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Course Date Change

If you need to cancel and change to another date, you can do it through the course change request form.

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