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Difficulty Rating

Level 3


Branson, Missouri


7 Days / 6 Nights

“Scout survival was an intense and unique challenge! It’s one thing to read about how to use survival techniques but nothing can replace the experience of being immersed into the wilderness with only a knife to live off the land!”

“Here is where you put to the test all that you have learned about survival, modern and primitive. It was well worth the learning experience to live off the land knowing there were instructors there to keep you safe. As an experienced woodsman, this is by far my favorite course! This makes you truly understanding how to use whats available in your environment and  what it is you need to make it day after day in a real world survival scenario!”

“Being a well rounded woodsman, this was my first real taste of what it means to LITERATELY live off the land with minimal tools. It feels good to know the food procurement skills you’ve learned in previous classes really will bring food to the camp in a real survival situation. Making it through one week with nothing but the cloths on your back, knife, and a few other tools in your hand was one of the toughest and most memorable accomplishments of my life.  After all, that’s really what this training is all about and scout survival help me put it all into perspective and try it in a real world environment.  Surviving and thriving in the elements by your skills and knowledge is something that has to be experienced and can’t be learned in a classroom!”


*No food and no water, you will gather all you need from the land!

Inclement weather and tough conditions are almost always the norm. Upon arrival you will begin your survival priorities. Shelter, water, fire, food, tools, etc. After completing each survival objective, you can then expect to receive one survival item approximately 24-48 hours after completion of each challenge.

Hunting/Fishing Licenses: fishing license You can purchase your license onsite at the local store the day before. ($20-$40)

Pre-requisites: Must have taken standard and advanced standard. Or equivalent primitive skills course at another school.

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