Primitive Skills Standard $595

Difficulty Rating

Level 2


Branson, Missouri

2020 Dates

March 27-31, Oct 12-16


5 Days/4 Nights

The Primitive Skills Standard is the 3rd in a series of 3 Standard bushcraft programs and will give you the last of primitive survival skills you’ll need in your long term survival toolbox. These Survival Standard programs are designed to systematically teach you all the base foundational survival skills needed to survive almost anywhere. No matter where you like to adventure. After taking the standard courses, you will carry the knowledge to recreate all the essential technology you’ll ever need to survive in relative comfort. Our programs are designed to teach you how to live off the land and what it provides. This course in particular is going to focus heavily on camp craft, long term sustainment, and advanced primitive skills to include: flint knapping, primitive pottery, atalatl, arrow making, green bow construction, and much more. Its not necessary to take the previous standard courses in order to take this one, but you should have a good understanding of bushcraft before attending this course. People that have attended other survival schools are welcome to try and jump in here.

What do the standard courses teach?

  • Bows and Primitive Hunting

    Green Bow and Quickie Bow Construction

  • Camp Craft

    Primitive Pottery- Construction bowls, pipes, and camp utensils

  • Basic Flintknapping

    Working glass and rock for basic tools!

  • Advanced Flintknapping

    Creating advanced stone tools such as: adze, arrowheads, etc.

  • Primitive Weapons and Quivers

    Building an atalatl, arrows, and containers for your equipment.

  • Advanced Containers and Cordage

    Roycroft pack frame, finger weaving, advanced basket making, & gill net construction.


Day 1: Quickie Bow Construction, primitive pottery and clay utensils, primitive glues

Day 2: Flint-knapping and stone tools

Day 3: Flint-knapping and stone tools; adze, arrowheads, hoku knife, etc.

Day 4: Atalatl and Arrow Making, Primitive Arrow Quivers, Advanced Survival Trapping

Day 5 Advanced Basket Making, Roycroft Pack Frame, Finger weaving

Airport and Bus Stops

If you are arriving by bus or plane, we can pick you up. Contact us to make arrangements. ($40 Transport Fee)

Overnight Camping

You are always welcome to camp out the night before and the night after any course. Just let us know in advance! It is suggested that you bring modern camping gear such as: tents, tarps, hammocks, & sleeping bags. You have the option of sleeping in primitive shelters if you like, but most people choose to use their own equipment during the course.

Minimum Survival Tools Required

*You don’t need much equipment for our courses, though good equipment does speed the learning process up greatly!

Food and Water Required

Water will be provided and food is your own choice. You can also purchase food locally once you get here. Walmart and several local eateries are within a close drive.


Change your mind on a class? Just use your credit for something else! Take advantage of sales now and use the funds for whatever later! Maybe the dates aren’t announced or you don’t know what you want? Pay on something now and use the credit later. Credit good for up to three years and transferable to your friends or family!


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