Difficulty Rating

Level 2


Branson, Missouri

2019 Dates

2019 Dates: Jun 16-22; Nov 10-16

2020 Dates: Mar 21-25, Oct 6-10


7 Days / 6 Nights

This is the second course in the Survival Standard series of courses and has some advanced survival training that every survivalist must have. The advanced survival training standard course takes the skills from the Survival Standard Course and builds on them to enable you to survive long term in the wilderness. We cover more short term skills in the standard course, and this course will focus heavily on completely primitive skills and survival with almost no modern tools. This is the next step in transitioning you to knife only survival! SIGMA 3 isn’t going to teach you dogmatic techniques you will find in survival manuals, we are going to show you what we call “The 1% Information”. The skills that are difficult to almost impossible to learn on your own.


The purpose of the wilderness survival training courses is to slowly transition you into being able to live off the land and make you a completely self reliant survivalist. Not that you should venture into the wilderness with nothing but a knife and your wits. But our courses will give you the confidence, that no matter what happens, no matter what gear is available, that you will survive! I can promise you after this course is over you won’t fear the wilderness anymore, getting lost will be a vacation to get some dirt time instead of a survival scenario!

NO PREREQUISITE COURSES REQUIRED TO ATTEND! Kids 10 & up welcome to attend with parents.

“One I will never forget! The instructors at SIGMA 3 were very professional and demonstrated each skill thoroughly. They explained 4 or 5 levels of detail with every skill and instruction. I highly recommend Sigma 3.”

Ken G.St. Peters, MO


  • Advanced Shelter Building- Long term survival shelters; wikiup & double lean too
  • Butchering – You’ll kill, butcher, and process an animal from beginning to end with nothing but stone flakes. No knife!
  • Bushcraft Cooking – We will process the goat and teach you jerky making as well as several other long term food preservation in the wild.
  • Making rawhide -We will make useful cordage from the hide.
  • Primitive Hand drill and Totally Primitive Bow Drill -Learn advanced fire making skills that will work anywhere under any conditions.
  • Advanced Survival Trapping – We will add numerous new traps and tactics from what you learned in the Standard course!
  • Basket Fish Traps & other useful fishing tactics – You will build a large basket fish trap, crawdad trap, and other survival fishing tactics.
  • Basket Making, Containers, & Quivers– You’ll learn the principles of building containers for long term survival
  • Bone tools- arrowheads, awls, & fish hooks
  • Plant Walks- We will do several plant walks to help you identify wild plants and forage them.


If you are arriving by bus or plane, we can pick you up. Contact us to make arrangements. ($40 Transport Fee)

All students may arrive the day before class and camp out at no extra cost. You’re welcome to bring whatever kind of sleeping arrangements you’d like to include: tent, hammock, sleeping bags, etc. You can sleep in primitive shelters we construct during the class, but bring modern shelters in case you change your mind. You will most likely be camping fairly close to your vehicle and don’t expect to hike in long distances. Please text or call us at (417) 522-8172 if you have any questions.

*You don’t need much equipment for our courses, though good equipment does speed the learning process up greatly!

Water will be provided and food is your own choice. You can also purchase food locally once you get here. Walmart and several local eateries are within a close drive.

Change your mind on a class? Just use your credit for something else! Take advantage of sales now and use the funds for whatever later! Maybe the dates aren’t announced or you don’t know what you want? Pay on something now and use the credit later. Credit good for up to three years and transferable to your friends or family!

Every class starts at 8:30 am and ends roughly at 5:00 pm each day depending on the training for the day. Your car will be nearby, so you can store food and other items there. You’ll have an hour for lunch each day and you should be prepared to cook in the field. Food will be available locally after class is over, but you won’t have time to go eat anywhere for lunch.


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