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SURVIVAL Standard Courses

The Survival Standard programs is a set of survival courses engineered to teach you everything you need to know about wilderness survival, in a short amount of time. We will focus heavily on primitive skills and all courses will be hands on in the field. No power point. No classrooms. All dirt time in the field with full time survival instructors. This is all we do. Our goal as instructors is to make you capable of walking into the wilderness with just a knife and surviving indefinitely in comfort.

The programs are structured into 3 phases ranging from Level 1- 3 in difficulty. The skills covered in these courses will work anywhere in the world and are the foundation for the testing phase of the Survival Standards programs. You will start with Level 1 classes, and work your way up to the Scout Survival Challenge.

If you have any questions about which courses you should take or details, call us @ (417) 522-8172