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Branson, Missouri


6 Weekends

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This series of survival courses is designed for the people that just can’t take off time from work for longer term survival classes! Most people have full time jobs, responsibilities, and its just not reasonable for them to take off work for a week or longer for our normal standard courses. So we came up with a way to train you on the standard course skills in a series of weekend classes. Locals can now take advantage of their close proximity to the school, by utilizing their free weekends for training. While anyone can take the courses, its best suited for people within a 3 hour drive.


This series of classes will cover all the highlights of our Standard Courses, in a much shorter time frame. While still making sure you can absorb and replicate all the skills shown. This course is 100% HANDS ON and in the field training. No power point, no classroom, only real dirt time! And you can bring your kids for cheap too!

Things to Know:

  • Purchase 1 Class or Multiple Courses
  • $175 Per Course or buy all 6 for $695, Save $355!
  • Very comprehensive training all taken together!
  • Sampler of skills of Survival Standard Programs


Weekend 1: Shelter and Water

The first weekend will focus on shelter building, water procurement and the following skills: primitive shelters, tarp configurations, & hammock camping, water procurement via primitive methods and modern equipment to carry.

Weekend 2: Fire Making

Fire making is one of the most life saving and essential skills any outdoorsman can have and we will spend the entire weekend honing these essential fire building skills that will work anywhere in the world. We will learn the following: primitive bow drill, hand drill, solar fires, all night fire lay, ferro rod skills & more!

Weekend 3: Wild Plants

When it comes to food in the wild, we like to start with the food that doesn’t run very fast. So the first two weekends will focus on the lifesaving skills and this weekend we will learn about plants! The first day will be a wild plant walk and harvesting wild plants for processing. The following day you will learn how to cook those foods and we will make food together as a group!

Weekend 4: Primitive Trapping & Fishing

Plants may not move very fast, but they also don’t contain enough calories to typically sustain the survivor. So we must find meat sources to sustain us! You’ll learn a ton of different primitive snares and deadfalls to start. Then we will get into fishing tactics! We will cover lightweight fishing gear that can be carried at all times. As well, as more advanced concepts like spearfishing.

Weekend 5: Primitive Tools & Navigation

This weekend you’ll get to sit down with our Caveman on staff (Joshua Hamlin) and learn the fine art of flintknapping and how to make your own arrow points. Then we will cover some basic navigation skills if you should find yourself without a GPS/map or compass.

Weekend 6: Scout Survivor Mini

Our 7 Day Scout Survival course is our toughest individual course by far. And we want to give our survivors a small taste of what a real survival weekend would be like with our newest Scout Mini course! You’ll be taken to one of our properties in the Ozarks and you’ll live in a survival shelter and catch all your own fish for the weekend. You’ll only be allowed a knife, saw, paracord, and mini fishing kit!

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