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The two stick dead fall is one of the easiest primitive trap triggers you will ever construct. You can build one of these traps in under a minute and this is one of the main reason this is one of our top picks for survival traps. This dead fall is not a very sensitive trap trigger at all, but with the proper attachment of the bait to the trigger, you can make it very effective for small game. This is however not a trap I would use on mice or very finicky animals, due to its low sensitivity on the trigger. It is best used on things like squirrels and other small game that are more likely to trigger it. Also an abundance of dead falls is useful when using this trap trigger. If only a few dead fall are available, I would go with a different trigger system.
When setting this trap up, the sensitivity is very important, so you must carve the trap parts to be very difficult to set. Also don’t forget that you need to securely attach the bait to trigger stick and make sure the animal has to work hard to get the bait out. Bait is different for every animal, but I find baits that are tough to take off the trigger work the best.
The survival trappers bible will continue to advance in difficulty of traps during this series so make sure to share with your friends and check out the rest of the series.
Please watch this video on how to quickly construct our two stick dead fall.