The spring pole peg snare is simply the easiest snare trigger to use and has a huge variety of uses. This is one of our top snare choices for a lot of reasons. Not only is a good for land mammals, but this same trigger system can be used for fishing as well. The peg snare can be carved in minutes by even amateur bushcrafters. All you need is two sticks, a spring pole, and a snare. Carve two matching number 7 notches in the pegs and hook them together with the snare attached.

This spring pole peg snare can be setup next to trails, dens, or any area that animals move through. The peg snare can be used for small game as well as medium game as large as raccoons. You can also use bait to lure animals through your trigger. Bait will depend on terrain, animal, and what is available. But bait is totally not necessary and usually not used for this particular trigger. Just like with all primitive traps, the peg snare must be done in great volume to insure success. But since it is so simple to make, it won’t take you anytime at all to carve this primitive trap.

For your spring pole you want to make sure to pick a pole that has a lot of stored energy. It needs to be springy and not take set easily. Green wood is usually best but if it is too green weak, the spring pole will take set. You can also tie the spring pole to a tree if one is not in a convenient location. Dead wood can be used, but it is very difficult to find a dead spring pole that will not snap under pressure. If you use a tree make sure to remove the limbs from the spring pole to increase its speed.
Watch the videos below to learn exactly how to make this simple spring pole peg snare.

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