The next trap in our Survival Trappers bible is the coat hanger bird snare. This is our favorite primitive bird snare by far because of how simple it is to construct. You can literally make this trap is a few minutes with no tools. All you need is to sticks and some rope. You can make 50 of these snares in a day with no problem if the resources are available. All you need is a Y stick or lash two stick together into a V shape. Then split the ends of the V and then shape a pedestal stick to go into the V. Then attach your snare and your done. Hang it from a tree and your ready to start catching birds. This bird snare is so simple, you wonder why don’t think of it on your own.

Remember that trapping is a numbers game and you have to put out a lot of these to be effective. Remember that primitive traps have about a 5% return on average, so you need several dozen of these to produce a sustainable amount of meat. Even if you don’t carry rope, you can easily make primitive cordage from surrounding fibers in the area. And since birds can’t chew out of snares like other animals, they are a top target for getting meat primitively. We believe after you set some other basic traps, that this should be one of your go to traps if birds are in the area.

Set these traps in transition areas, feeding areas, and shelter areas for birds. They can be used in any area that birds frequent. You can either bait it or if no bait is available it will also work without it. Birds are always looking for good perches to sat on and if you locate this snare is spot that don’t have many perches, you will probably be successful. The coat hanger bird snare is especially good at catching doves. Doves are not intelligent at all and can be trapped easily. Set these snares next to areas that doves feed on gravel in open areas and your sure to have success.

Also the larger you make the perch, the larger the size of bird you might catch. It works well with very thin gauge wire such as the military trip wire we sell at the survival store. But primitive cordage or bankline also works great. Watch this video below to see just how to construct this awesome bird snare.

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