How it all works?

Phases 1-3 (Standard & Instructor)

Phase 1- Foundational Skills

The first 3 courses in the standard program is designed to teach you a foundation of skills that will work anywhere in the world for your short term to long term survival needs. This is all bushcraft and survival related skills with an emphasis on having minimal tools and equipment.

Includes: Survival Standard, Adv Standard, Primitive Standard

Phase 2- Beyond Survival

This second phase of courses is designed to teach you the add on skills that you must have for a foundation of long term survival. The wild crafter will teach you how to make plant medicine and process wild edibles. The primitive bowyer will teach you how to make a functional bow for hunting purposes than can be used to take game of any size.

Includes: Wild Crafter, Primitive Bowyer

Phase 3- Testing Phase

This is where our programs starts to get real tough! Scout survival will start you out with nothing but a knife and a piece of paracord and test all the primitive skills you’ve learned up to this point. SERE is designed to teach you how to survive the urban jungle and how to escape and evade from any dangerous situation. Both courses have a high tap-out rate!

Includes: Scout Survival Challenge, SERE

Things to Know

What will you learn?

  • Bushcraft & Survival

  • Tactical and SERE skills

  • WIld Plants & Medicine Making

Training Credits & Scheduling

  • Training credits good for 3 years!

  • Scheduling issue? Change course dates unlimited times.

  • Most flexible scheduling in the industry!

The most intense survival program in the world!

Instructor Courses

The instructor program is our most intense and considered by most to be one of the most intense and comprehensive survival training programs in the world. The Instructor program is essentially the entire standard program all rolled into one with SERE added! The 45 Days is broken into survival standard training program, except there is an entirely different set of standards for instructor course attendees, than there is for standard students. During the instructor courses you will be required to sleep in primitive shelters and completely immerse yourself in the training system for the entirety of the program. During the Level 1 Survival Instructor Program for instance, you will have to sleep in primitive shelters and difficult conditions the entire duration of your training. We believe full immersion is the best way to learn these skills in the shortest period of time possible and we are going to fully immerse you into the world of survival on Day 1.

The Level 1 Course is comprised of the following courses: Survival Standard, Adv Standard, Primitive Standard, Wild Crafter, Bowyer, Scout Survival, and SERE

Our most popular option!

Standard Courses

This is the best option for most people just looking to learn a lot of skills in a short period of time. All the standard courses are less than a week in length and will start with the foundational skills and slowly add onto them until you’re ready to test yourself in the wild alone! These courses have the greatest flexibility for scheduling and we allow you to tailor the experience to the level of intensity you want. During the Survival Standard, Adv Standard, and Primitive Standard you can choose to sleep in primitive shelters or you can sleep in normal camping equipment. You’re even allowed to sleep in your vehicles or just be as comfortable as you’d like, so that you tailor your experience based on your own personal wants.

Not everyone wants to rough it, some people just want to have a nice vacation in the woods and enjoy themselves. So we leave all the options open for what the student wants. You’ll learn a ton of survival skills in this program that will give you the knowledge to survive short to long term anywhere in the world. These is our most recommended program and we always suggest you start with the survival standard, even if you are a experienced outdoorsman. The survival standard is more advanced than most expect and we jump right into primitive skills from day 1.

Includes: Survival Standard, Adv Standard, Primitive Standard, Wild Crafter, Bowyer, Scout Survival

Come get some dirt time with us!

Weekend Courses

Weekend courses are primarily for locals and people that are only looking for short term training sessions due to limited time available in their schedules. We can’t possibly be as comprehensive in shorter courses, so we try to take the highlights from our standard courses and compact them into a shorter time frame. The weekend survivor program is basically a shortened version of our survival standard program rolled into 6 weekends. We even have a final test where you get to do a mini scout survival for the weekend and test the new skills you learned.

The Urban Escape and Evasion course is a 3 day course that is essentially the urban survival highlights from our 7 day SERE course. All the weekend courses tend to be easier than the standard programs and are more laid back in general. These are perfect options for families and people looking to have a mini vacation with family or friends.

Includes: The Weekend Survivor, Urban Escape and Evasion, Wild Plant Walks

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