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Sigma 3 Survival School Year End Sale On Survival Training!


Have you ever wanted to take advantage of Sigma 3 Survival School’s year-end sale on survival courses? Now you can! The year 2019 is coming to a close, and Sigma 3 Survival School is offering their survival training at a reasonable discount. The advantage is that, now, you can get some excellent training by some of the best instructors in the field of bushcraft and survival. The course credits are good for three years. There are limited slots, so act quickly! The sale ends on December 31, 2019.

A Lesson From Recent History

A person learning how to survive in the wilderness or to survive an emergency situation in an urban setting is essential in today’s world. An increasing number of people are heading outdoors to experience the wonders of nature. However, with the yearly increase in people going outdoors comes an increase in the number of emergencies that occur every year. A simple day-hike can quickly turn into an emergency survival situation. Additionally, with ever-increasing populations of our urban metroplexes, urban survival situations can occur almost anytime. Therefore, it is recommended that you consider taking advantage of the discounted prices on survival training offered by Sigma 3 Survival School. The three courses being offered in this sale are Survival Standard, Instructor Course, Weekend Survivor.

1. The Survival Standard Courses

The Survival Standard is Sigma’s most popular wilderness survival training course. It is the first of the three standard courses that will cover everything you need to know about bushcraft, wilderness, and urban survival. The Survival Standard course teaches the most relevant aspects of short-term primitive survival. Furthermore, it trains on the essential skills that are required to survive in any environment. These classes will be the foundation of your training. They will cover various primitive skills and some modern ones. The Survival Standard Course is family-friendly for kids ten years old and older.

Buy 1, Get 1 Free! On all standard courses! ONLY 30 GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE!

2. The Survival Instructor Course

The Survival Instructor Course is a 45-day program of training. This course will push you to your limits and see if you have the mental fortitude to stay in the wilderness for long periods. The primary goal of this program is to teach you a standard set of survival skills that can be used in multiple environments around the world. The Survival Instructor program is everything we teach in our standard programs condensed into one course.

One advantage of the Survival Instructor Course is that it also enables you to potentially work for us in the future via franchise like opportunities. Furthermore, you can start your own SIGMA 3 satellite location, or use these skills to begin your outdoor programs. Either way, you’ll leave with the skills to be successful whatever your outdoor goals might be. The Survival Instructor Course is the only program in the world that offers a potential franchise opportunity after you graduate!

All dates for the 45-Day Survival Instructor Program are 35% OFF. ONLY 5 SLOTS AVAILABLE!

3. The Weekend Survivor Course

The Weekend Survivor Course is a series of survival courses designed for the people that cannot take off time from work for longer-term survival classes. Thus, people who live near the Sigma 3 Survivor School, can now take advantage of their proximity to the school, by utilizing their free weekends for training. While anyone can take the courses, its best suited for people within a 3-hour drive. Additionally, the Weekend Survivor Course is family-friendly. Children can train with their parents for $25 per child per weekend.

Six classes teach all the highlights of our standard Courses. The Weekend Survivor Course is 100% hands-on field training. It has no Power Point™ presentations, no classroom instruction, only real dirt time! And you can bring your kids for cheap too!

Up to 70% OFF! Weekend courses designed for locals. ONLY 10 SLOTS AVAILABLE

Final Thoughts

The world is changing rapidly around us. World-change brings uncertainty and unpredictability. As a result, you may never know if you will find yourself in the middle of an emergency survival situation. A recent news report discusses how two hikers fell and died in Arches National Park.

Additionally, unexpected earthquakes rocked the little town of Ridgecrest, California, this past summer. Furthermore, the daily commute to work in a metroplex can suddenly become fraught with danger. A sudden change in weather can leave you stranded on the highway or in an airport concourse. Therefore, it is prudent to consider your skillset for surviving outdoors or in the urban environment. Do you have the knowledge and experience to get out of danger once you are in the middle of a survival scenario?

A Personal Experience

The recent snowstorms during the Thanksgiving weekend travel period were early for this time of the year. Consequently, many airline flight cancelations and delays arose. Hotels were quickly filled up by weary drivers getting off of the freeway on their way to visit friends and family for Thanksgiving. My family traveled during this period. Our drive up to visit family in Colorado was uneventful.

Moreover, the start of our trip back home had the result of our car sliding off of a dirt road on a down-hill curve due to snow and ice falling that morning. I prepared the car before our trip away from home with recovery items. My wife’s father came from his house in his pickup truck to help us. Consequently, we had to use my tow strap to recover our car out of the rut into which it slid. However, if our slide-out had happened in another location, we had the means necessary to signal for rescue, treat wounds, build a fire, stay warm, and obtain drinkable water.

Sigma 3 Survival School is offering discounts on some of the best survival training in the United States. Will you take advantage of this offer today?

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