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Start Your Own Business!

Interested in starting a career in the outdoors industry?


Survival skills are needed for a wide array of outdoor adventure jobs. It should be the baseline of training for anyone looking to be responsible for others in the woods. Your clients should know that if everything goes wrong, you have the ability to provide for their basic survival needs. Our certification is known around the world and tons of instructor graduates have had job offers from other companies after graduation from this program. It is considered to be one of the best bushcraft programs in the world from professionals in the industry. We train other survival school owners in almost every class we offer.

Traveling Instructor Program

This program will enable you to travel anywhere in the world and use our facilities that we have access too to host courses for us and make money. You can do it near home or on the road. We have access to thousands of acres all over the country for your use. And the land owner incentive program is getting us access to new locations all the time. If we don’t have something near you, we will help you find something! With SIGMA 3 you make your own schedule and produce you’re own content to make side money. No one in the world offers anything even close to this.

Franchise through SIGMA 3 or do your own thing?

A lot of people have questions about starting a survival school. They wonder whether they should stick with SIGMA or do their own thing. And that is totally your choice and I can honestly say we have created more “Other” survival schools than any organization  in the world. I think Self Reliant people inherently want to go out on their own and we totally support anyone wanting to do that. Just know that, this is an incredibly difficult industry to build a name in and 99% of the companies in existence aren’t full time, and typically don’t make it longer than a few years. Building a following is so hard to do and we have already done it. So why reinvent the wheel? Either way, this course will give you the skills you need to teach others.

What do I have to do to be successful?

If you intend to run survival classes, you’ll need to promote yourself on our Youtube, Blogs, and other Social media platforms. Without doing this, you probably will have limited success. That is why in every instructor course we teach you the basics of shooting videos and we cover blog writing fundamentals. Whether you decide to teach for us or go out on your own, you’ll absolutely have to market yourself online. SIGMA 3 has 300,000 followers, so you have a built in following using our platforms. If you decide to go out on your own, then you’ll need to create your own following. Which could take years of hard work and not actually payoff. Not just anyone can build an online following. Our system is plug and play, if you go out on your own their is no certainty of success.



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Land Owner Incentive Program

If you own your own land, then you can make more money through our programs. If we run courses on your land, then we will pay 10% of gross proceeds of the course for utilizing your land. As well as training your family and you for free. You’ll get unlimited free training at your location. If you have an interest in allowing SIGMA 3 to use your land, please contact us.

Instructor Level 2 & 3 Certification?

Once you’ve completed the Level 1 course, then you can move onto complete our Level 2 Jungle and Coastal Survival Program. This course will allow you to also teach our Advanced Standard, Wild Crafter, Bow Making, Survival Trapping, and other custom courses of your own making. Yes, that’s right, you can make your own courses and we will promote them!

Level 3 Certification is hosted when enough instructors are ready to certify, we will plan the training time, and coordinate with students on dates that work and these dates will not be advertised. They are by invitation only! We currently have only four, level 3 instructors worldwide. We will also consider taking other schools regional specific programs as credit towards our Level 3 certifications. For instance, if you take a 14-28 Day course from a desert survival school such as BOSS. We will consider that good enough to qualify for part of your Level 3 certification. But you must graduate Level 1-2 to be considered for this!


  • Start your own SIGMA 3 Satellite Location
  • Make blogs and videos and get paid for them!
  • Full time salary positions could be possible!
  • Traveling Instructor Program for part time income.
  • Start your own business or join ours!
  • Receive 15% off survival gear at SurvivalGear.US!


During this class we will teach you how to make youtube videos! After you graduate, if you want to make content you’ll have the option to make good side income promoting yourself on our platforms. Sigma 3 will also market you and help you promote classes through our website, YouTube channel, and other social media outlets. We have the most recognized survival school website on search engines over the widest range of keywords which enables us to have massive web exposure on google. We have more google first page keyword results than any survival school in the world!

  • Build your own following!
  • Get paid to promote yourself!
  • Join a community of like minded people!
  • Make youtube videos for extra cash!
  • 190,000 Subscribers on Youtube
  • 1200 Google first page keywords
  • Write blogs and make money!
  • 75,000 Followers on Facebook
  • Get Lifetime free training!


Because we are literally the only option! There isn’t any other school in the world that offers a program like this. We have done all the work already, its a plug and play system for you. Learn the skills, market yourself within our platform, and collect checks for content and courses. We have thousands of hours doing computer work, marketing, building training programs, finding land to train on, and figuring out what works so that you don’t have too. This is an extremely difficult industry to get into on your own and 98% of new survival companies fail in the first two years. Why take the chance? Go with something that works and is established and is guaranteed to pay you some good side income. With our team of business and marketing expertise, you can focus on the outdoor skills, teaching students, enjoying your passions, and we will handle the business side of things!


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