Outdoors Business Mentorship Program


Springfield, MO


6 months




Level 3


What is the Outdoors Business Mentorship Program?

This is a 6 month long, live in outdoors business mentorship program with the owner of the school and the lead instructor of SIGMA 3 Survival School (Rob Allen, Josh Hamlin). This outdoors business program is designed to teach you everything you need to know about how to build a successful outdoors business and build an online following! During this program you will complete our 45 Day Survival Instructor Program, as well as help run the day to day operations of SIGMA 3! Learning first hand exactly how an outdoors business is run from behind the scenes. So not only will you learn how to survive anywhere in the world with minimal tools and become a certified SIGMA 3 Survival Instructor. You’ll also gain a comprehensive set of business skills that will enable you to start your own successful company or open your own SIGMA 3 Satellite location.

After years of running our 45 Day Survival Instructor Program we have learned that the biggest barrier to success for our graduates is not understanding the business side of things. We have had a lot of graduates of our programs and have certified instructors on 6 continents, but we failed in one key aspect to make this program successful. We couldn’t give our instructor graduates enough business skills in the 45 Day program to be long term successful. We cover the basics of these business principles in the course, but honestly a person needs lots of hands on experience in order to do it successfully on their own. And there just isn’t enough time to do that in 45 Day course when we are immersed into survival training. So we as a result we have created our business mentorship program.

Survival Schools and outdoor related companies are a dime a dozen, most open up shop and shutdown in less than a year or two. Because they don’t understand the core fundamental skills it take to build a following online and how to build an E-Commerce business. SIGMA 3 Survival School is one of only a dozen or so survival schools in the US that have been doing operations full time since it’s inception for over a decade now and packs out all our programs.  What is the reason for the success of SIGMA 3, where others have failed? Here are a few reasons:

  1. Vast experience with social media and building an online following.
  2. Understanding Search Engine Optimization and how to get found on Google!
  3. Making high quality youtube videos, DVD’s, and other video production skills.
  4. Understanding how to manipulate search algorithms and get more social media attention. For free!
  5. Using Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube to your advantage to provide cheap traffic to your website.
  6. The owner has created numerous successful companies and can give you all the info you need to start your own!

What is included in this Outdoors Business Mentorship?

  • All Housing Costs

    Private 1 bedroom space, furnished, and bathroom.

  • Internet and Computer

    Internet, TV, & access to computer system.

  • Lowered Costs

    All Lvl 2-3 Instructor Courses at company cost!

  • Refresher Training

    Lifetime of free refresher training with SIGMA 3!

  • Full Time Mentoring

    Daily mentoring on outdoors skills & business!

What will your schedule look like on a weekly basis?

Our number one priority is to start getting you ready to graduate the 45 Day Survival Instructor Program, which has a 60% failure rate. So when you arrive we will begin working on your basic survival skills. But caveat emptor, this will not be a highly structured classroom type atmosphere. You’ll be a live in roommate with SIGMA 3 instructors and the owner. So learning will change week to week based on the seasons and SIGMA 3 training schedule. When classes are going, you’ll be attending courses and learning survival skills and how to teach students in real time.

During off weeks you’ll be doing the following: working out at gym 5 days a week, learning to shoot youtube content and video production, photography, build media content, teach you tons of survival skills, combatives training, and going on extreme outdoor adventures. Off week activities might include spearfishing and freediving trips, camping, floating rivers, fishing locally, hunting game of all types, and in general just having fun and enjoying life while also making media content. Our goal at SIGMA 3 is to create a lifestyle where play is mixed with work in healthy doses. We are going to teach you how to turn the things you enjoy into something that is profitable and sustainable for you!

What will it cost and what is included?

  • $1500/month; first two months paid in full before arrival. No payments will be made until you are accepted and approved for the course.
  • You’ll get your own private bedroom at the owners 7 bedroom, 4 bath, 5400 sq ft house in Southern Missouri, right on the lake.
  • 45 Day Survival Instructor Program Certification and Training; all level 2-3 courses at cost!
  • Gym membership at the YMCA will be covered as well, and you will be expected to workout several times a week.
  • All internet and TV costs covered.
  • Your required to provide your own food, but you’ll be provided with a refrigerator and full access to our large kitchen and appliances.
  • Much of your transportation will be provided by company vehicle to and from facilities. But it is recommended you bring your own car.
  • Access to our full video and photography production studio. DSLR cameras, camcorders, teleprompters, video editing computer, green screen and more!

Who will be selected?

There will be a selection process for each candidate which will include an extensive vetting process. Primarily we are looking for individuals that can help the team the most. People with unique skill sets that can join the team and help expand SIGMA 3 in new ways! Candidates with video, social media, military, survival, or other relatable experience will more likely be picked than candidates with minimal skills in these areas.

What will I learn?

  • A full range of Survival and Outdoor Skills
  • Website management for wordpress
  • Blogging
  • Video production for Youtube
  • How to build an Instagram following?
  • Facebook paid ads marketing
  • Facebook marketing for free
  • How to teach students in an outdoors setting!
  • You’ll run SIGMA 3 courses after graduating 45 day class!
  • Photography

How long will the Outdoors Business Mentorship program last?

The program will last 6 months, but you aren’t required to commit to the entire 6 months financially. If either party decides it isn’t a good fit, then we can pull the plug and move on with 30 days notice. We are trying to find the absolute best candidates to do business with and mentor for the long term. Either way, you will receive your 45 Day Survival Instructor training, whether its a good long term fit or not!

Graduation requirements?

  • Pass the 45 Day Survival Instructor Program
  • Successfully demonstrate your ability to build media content such as: blogs, videos, photo’s, and do website work.
  • Demonstrate your ability to teach survival skills and teach students at SIGMA 3 courses.

Possibility of Employment?

This program might come with potential employment at the end of the 6 months, if there is a space open for you on the team and you have the necessary job skills.  The position might include a salary or contractual work on a part time basis! There is zero guarantee of employment! But almost all our hires in recent years have come from students of our programs.

First off, not everyone will be accepted and you must go through a rigorous screening process before being approved for the business mentorship program. Secondly, you will be required to do the following:

  1. Fill out an application
  2. Submit a resume
  3. Submit an introduction video
  4. Skype interviews
  5. Pass a criminal background check, w/background check fee



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