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Survival Instructor Timeline

  • Phase 1: Foundational Skills

  • Survival Standard

    Days 1-5

    The foundation of your bushcraft and survival skills begins!

    Survival Standard

  • Advanced Survival Standard

    Days 7-11

    We will begin to add some long term primitive skills to your toolbox!

  • Primitive Survival Standard

    Days 13-17

    In this class, we add the finishing touches to your long term survival skills.

    Primitive Survival Standard

  • Phase 2: Beyond Survival

  • The Primitive Bowyer

    Days 19-23

    The bowyer course will teach you how to shape a tree into a functional hunting tool.

    The Primitive Bowyer

  • The Wild Crafter

    Days 24-26

    Begin learning to make plant medicine and process wild foods!

  • Prep for Scout

    Days 27-29

    We review past skills and prepare for scout!

    Prep for Scout

  • Phase 3: Testing Phase

  • Scout Survival

    Days 30-36

    This is where we put everything you have learned to test!

    Scout Survival

  • SERE Training

    Days 38-44

    Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape. This will teach you what you need to know to survive the human and urban element.

  • Graduation Day

    You’ve made it!

    On the final day, we will celebrate, cook good food and enjoy each others company one last time!

    Graduation Day