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SIGMA 3 Survival School believes in a philosophy of get the training before you get the gear. That's because we know from experience that once you get some training, you will probably change your mind about what survival gear you need. For this reason we require very little survival equipment to attend our Standard courses.

For the Standard courses or Weekend classes, all you really need is a fixed blade knife, a folding saw, paracord, and overnight camping gear.

For the Instructor Course the gear you'll need is more extensive since you'll be living in the field for 45 days! Please text us if you have questions about what you need. Text us at 417-522-8172

Required Items for Standard/Weekend Courses

Fixed Blade Knife

(Preferably Full Tang)


Good Outdoor Clothing

Folding Saw

Rain Gear

Overnight Camping Gear

Recommended Survival Gear for Instructor Course

Text us about gear questions 417-522-8172

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