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Michael Lizotte (Mike Redbeard)

Michael Lizotte (Mike Redbeard)

  • Specialty Skills

    Winter, primitive skills, search and rescue 

  • Experience

    Spent 6 years in the Canadian Forces as a Paratrooper. Deployed in AFG, Haiti and Northern Canada for search and rescue operations.  

Michael knew he would own a survival school since his childhood. Mostly raised by his grandfather, he got his first knife at 4 years old. Learning basic bushcraft along with trapping and fishing he quickly began to become more interested into survival stuff. For Michael, joining the military is a step further into becoming a man. At 18 he joins the Canadian Forces as a paratrooper. The opportunity to teach some survival skills in the army made him realize that it was what he really wanted to do with his life. He quit the army in 2014 after 3 deployments to open his own survival school which became fully operational in 2016. Wanting to push further his instructions quality, he joins the 45 days instructor program with Sigma 3 where he graduated proudly. Now working full-time on his school, he always seeks to push his limits further into the survival culture.

Other Qualifications : TCCC(Tactical combat casualty care), TIOP(Tactical Intelligence Operator)