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Albert Lopez

  • Position

    Jungle Survival Instructor

  • Specialty Skills

    Jungle Survival

Adventurer, entrepreneur, professional long range shooter, life coach, MBA in Finances and Founder of Costa Rica Survival School.

Albert Lopez has being training in the jungles for more than 22 years. Putting his skills to the test in the jungles of Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Training in the jungles of Nicaragua with the Rama Indians learning their ancient ways of survival and combining then with modern bush craft techniques.

He has being feature in International Survival Reality shows as a survival / safety consultant, working in front and behind camera. Also a member of the worldwide family of Sigma 3 Survival School Instructors.

His passion for survival, will guarantee you the best service and survival experience. It’s not just about survival to him it’s about sharing the beautiful jungle!!

Our Costa Rica Survival training provides world class education and adventure in wilderness survival.

You will eliminate wilderness fears, build confidence, and learn important lifesaving skills at our survival classes.
Our survival school will teach you the wilderness survival skills you need to enjoy any environment and safely embark on outdoor adventures.
Learn how to cope in the jungle, while hiking and camping in our survival courses.