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Welcome New Sigma 3 Instructor Mike Lowe

SIGMA 3 Survival School is proud to announce we have brought Mike Lowe onto the team. We’ve been following him for years and have always been a huge fan because of his extreme level of bushcraft skills. You’d be hard pressed to find a more skilled bushcraft instructor in the whole world. And I believe much of that skills was sourced from his raw love for the outdoors. When you truly love something to the core of your being, you want to do it ALL the time. And Mike is one of those guys that is obsessed with outdoor survival skills and has been for well over 40 years.  We will be posting scheduled courses for Mike soon, so be sure to check back to our website on a regular basis for more details.

Mike Lowe Biography:
I have been learning and practicing wilderness survival-bushcraft skills since 1975.
From 1980-88 I served as a Survival Instructor in the US Air Force. From 1988 to the present I have been learning, practicing, and teaching wilderness survival-bushcraft skills and Search & Rescue certification training for Wilderness Way Adventures, a faith-based outdoor ministry I founded as a LLC 501(c)3 program. I have taught hundreds of men, women, and children throughout North America. In 2015 I was a
participant on Alone Season 2 (which aired on the History Channel in 2016).

1980 AA – Survival Instructor, Community College of the US Air Force, AL
1981 Cert – Emergency Medical Technician, Eastern Washington University, WA
1994 BA – Pastoral Ministry & Education, Weimar College, CA
2001 Cert – Wilderness First Responder, NOLS Wilderness Medicine, WY
2002 Cert – Technical Rope & Swift Water Instructor, Rescue 3 International, CA
2005 MA – Biblical Studies, Robertstown University, AZ

Wilderness Way Adventures, LLC, 501(c)3
1988 – Survival and Search & Rescue Instruction, Owner, Lead Instructor

History Channel, Alone, Season 2
2016 – Participant, Vancouver Island, 21 Days


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