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Knife Fighting for Self Defense


So I got a challenge for all you hardcore martial artists and MMA guys! I want you to give your wife, teenage kid, or someone you know who is substantially weaker than you physically a permanent marker and have them pretend it’s a knife. Take your shirt off and tell them to come at you and see if they can mark you up. Pretend that its life or death and whoever loses has to do dishes for the next month! I got a good feeling your wife or kid will probably jack you up before you get them and you will be scrubbing those pots! So what is the purpose of this drill? This drill isn’t suppose to teach you anything more than how effective of a force multiplier a blade can be. Its legal almost anywhere you go in the world and you can take the average person and give them a little training with a blade and I guarantee you they will be deadly. It takes years to become proficient with hand to hand, but an amateur can become deadly in short amount of time with a blade in their hand!

This is why I emphasize that people become proficient at knife fighting. Not only is a knife a great self defense weapon, but if you have taken a survival class with us then you know that it is also your most important wilderness survival tool also. There really is no reason not to carry a good blade, even if you only use it to open your mail. And preferably a fixed blade if you can manage it, and the minimum should be a good folder. You should probably shoot for a 3-6” blade and try to get the best you can afford. Cold Steel makes some fantastic products and they have proven steel as well as phenomenal folders. Bet you can’t beat it for the money ;). More expensive is the TOPS brand of knives but they have some amazing blades also.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m the kind of guy that would spend several hundred dollars on a good blade. But honestly, many of the cheaper products on the market are awesome. I personally carry a TOPS Field craft fixed blade ($140) in the woods and I carry a smaller blade in the city as my EDC. A karambit is a good choice for defense or something with a good utility edge for survival would definitely be my top choices. Either way, don’t be stupid and go get yourself a good blade with some training on how to use it.

Please don’t be a statistic! Instead be that guy/gal in the media that defended yourself successfully in that showdown against the bad guys. And definitely don’t be that person that gets lost in the woods and doesn’t bring a blade! I have pity on the people that are un-prepared that weren’t informed but none for those that have been told. But if you read this far then you have no excuse. Your informed! Always carry and be prepared for anything and you’ll feel more fruitful as a result. Guaranteed! Awareness training is a gateway to higher spirituality so let awareness and knowledge be paramount in your life. Semper Paratus!

2018 Recommended Knives:

CRKT Obake Clip Point Fixed Blade Knife, Black

Cold Steel Talwar, 4 in. Blade, G-10 Handle, Serrated

Cold Steel Double Agent 3″ Fixed Blade Knife

FadeCase Karambit Elite – Tiger Tooth



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