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Informing about the Removal of 2 Survival Courses

Sigma 3 Survival School is all about teaching people how to explore, survive, and preserve themselves in any atmosphere on the planet only with a few instruments and their creativity.

The core competency of SIGMA 3 Survival School is to teach skills and techniques that are widespread and will safeguard you and encounter your basic needs anywhere in the world and any situation, you face during hiking and adventure. Shelter, water, fire, food, instruments, navigation, basic first aid, and safety are all requirements for survival.

The purpose of this blog is to inform you about the removal of two of our courses:

  1. LVL 4 SWIFT Water Rescue
  2. Waterborne Scout Survival Standard.

These two courses are about basic rescue techniques in water and the basics of shelter, water, fire-making, wild plants, and advanced fishing tactics.

The LVL 4 SWIFT Water Rescue Course

The LVL 4 SWIFT water rescue course is designed to first teach you about the dangers of water and how to avoid them. This course is best for people who are interested in paddle sports.

Waterborne Scout Survival Standard

The 2nd-course Waterborne Scout Survival Standard is a mixture of two of our courses, the Survival Standard and Scout Survival. In this course, you will learn the basics of shelter, water, fire-making, wild plants, advanced fishing tactics, and river-based food procurement while living out of a canoe/kayak for 5 days.

Why we are removing these courses:

Sigma 3 is going to remove these survival courses because:

  • The same survival skills are being offered in other courses
  • Not providing enough value to the participants while anyone doing these courses separately
  • Better courses are there to improve your water skills and others as well
  • Water Rescue and Waterborne Scout Standard are more connected to sports than survival skills so they are in different niche


You can always learn survival in the following courses:

  1. Survival Standard
  2. Advanced Survival Training
  3. Scout Survival Challenge


If you have any queries or questions, please feel free to contact at (417) 522-8172.



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