Read this to understand class scheduling!

For years we have always had a very flexible scheduling system for classes. Definitely the most flexible survival school scheduling system available. When you purchased a SIGMA 3 class, you were purchasing a training credit and it was good for 3 years. And that hasn’t changed, except for one minor variation. You now don’t even need to choose a date for training. Previously when you purchased a course, you would need to pick a date for training and once you did, you were locked into that date. And to change it, you needed to put in a change order request at the cost of $25 per ticket transfer. So if you had 3 people in your party, you would have a $75 dollar transfer fee.

We’ve now done away with that changeover system completely, and now there are no added fees. You need not let us know what date you’ll be there. Just show up for course and we will account for you using your training credit at the check in.

This enables you to take advantage of sales and not need to choose a date. If you know you want to train, then get the course on sale and use it whenever. You can also use a training credit you purchased for another course of similar cost. So lets say you bought the survival standard course, and none of those dates work for you due to unforeseen circumstances. You can now change that credit over to an advanced or primitive standard course for no extra cost.

SIGMA 3 is always striving to improve your training experience and make scheduling that much easier. At the end of the day, we just want you to get into the wilderness as much as possible and we know how difficult scheduling training can be with family, work, and responsibilities. Hopefully this new change makes things that much easier to get some dirt time in the woods.

If you have any questions about scheduling, be sure to call or text us anytime at 417-522-8172. Full time survival instructors are waiting to take your call.

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