Laura Zerra Naked and Afraid Punishment in Panama

COMING SOON! Laura Zerra from Discovery Channels Naked and Afraid is going to be heading the brand new Women’s Only Survival Program in the Northeast and other parts of the country! This course will teach a woman with no training a broad enough range of skills to survive in an wilderness and urban survival scenario. It will also cover how to travel in hostile areas. You will also be trained in anti-kidnapping measures, escape and evasion, and some basic self defense, and much more. Laura has survived in the most hostile places in North and South America. She also hitch hiked through Mexico solo, and practiced her survival skills in the jungles during her journey. Not to mention that she survived 21 days naked in Panama! After Laura gets done, you will be more than prepared to survive the hostile world that women deal with in their normal life. Women’s courses is what she specializes in and we are proud to welcome Laura to the team!

Check back for details on upcoming dates and info!

Laura’s Resume and Bio



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  1. Jim NOrris
    Jim NOrris says:

    I feel it is great that women are joining the survival world of today.If we look back in our history we will find that the women of yesterday had to survival.espcialy when her man went off to hunt and didnt come back.There were a number of thing that cold happen in the old day.So women of the 1800 not only had to survive they had children to fend for.So the women today are just as capable as men are and maybe in some ways even better than men are

  2. Sandy
    Sandy says:

    OMG! I can’t wait, and yes I do watch anything and everything when it comes to trying to survive. I also do alot of research in the name of ways to surivive. I raised three childern by myself, and grew up with a work acholic mother (which bricked our home place that i grew up in) so I’m no stranger to working. And I can say as a young child to a now grandmother I’ve done somethings most women wouldn’t dream of ex: Bricking, Laying sheetrock, house remodeling, plumming, to changing my own oil in my car and even made homemade soap, I can hunt, fish and clean and prepare the food for canning, smoking or what ever. My point is I have grand childern and can’t stand the thought of them going hungry, so yes I do prepare. I guess I shouldn’t admit this to the world, cause I don’t want people to feel sorry for me cause I am Blessed, But I live from pay check to pay check and if I hadn’t learn some old ways from my Mother and Her Mother. My childern never went hungry and roof over thier head and I they weren’t the name brand clothes but they never complained. Anyway sorry I got so into detail, KEEP MY POSTED /

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