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Top 5 Things to Prepare for Coming Food Shortages

I think we all have heard in the news by now about coming food shortages and that food prices are all going to increase exponentially. So how do you prepare for rising food prices or shortages?

The key is to buy before prices skyrocket.

With fertilizer prices doubling over the last year and with the Russian sanctions, this will cause the cost of all agriculture to go up. But it hasn’t shot up a tremendous amount just yet, because massively increasing prices in items used to grow commodities won’t be seen until the growing season is done. Because we are still buying products that were grown last season and still eating meat that hasn’t been raised with massively increasing grain prices. But that won’t last for long, so here are the things you need to do NOW!

  1. Buy a cow – Now is the time to talk to your local rancher and see what it will cost to purchase a ¼, ½, or whole cow depending on your family size. It’s a super-economical way to purchase beef in general and I typically buy a whole cow every couple of years because it’s just super cheap when you do it like that. A whole cow can range in price from $4.00 to $6.00 an lb on average depending on where you are in the country. If you want grass-fed, grass-finished then plan to pay way more. I got a quote yesterday for double that price, so prices are rising fast. With grain prices going up quickly, meat prices are going to be quick to follow that upward trend since most cows are grown on grain and grass.
  • Stock up on chicken – Chicken prices will be increasing along with beef and probably even more so since there is a huge bird flu sweeping through the country and killing all kinds of birds. Approximately 22 million birds have died already and it’s spreading rapidly. It is going to make turkey, chicken, and eggs go up by quite a lot. But you can buy chicken in bulk at your local butcher for usually a 30% discount to normal prices. For instance, I got a quote a week ago for $160 for an 80lb box of chicken. Here is a blog outlining the issue: https://www.npr.org/2022/04/06/1091061758/bird-flu-outbreak

  • Purchase bulk grains – You can buy bulk rice, oatmeal, and beans at almost any wholesale place such as Costco or Sam’s Club. If you have an Amish store in your area they usually sell at even cheaper prices than the big stores and have a wide range of bulk items you can buy. Our local Amish stores even have 5-gallon buckets of coconut oil for a really reasonable rate. You’ll also need a way to store these grains for the long term. Here is the link to get some mylar bags with absorbers and a video on how to do it. https://amzn.to/3M36VEf

  • Buy Seeds – Growing a garden is great if you have the space for it and have the know-how. But you technically don’t need veggies to survive, just to be healthy. So while I consider gardening a great choice for food preparedness, it usually takes a lot of time and effort and is not an option for most people. But almost anyone can grow herbs, which can be used in recipes and helps keep you healthy and add flavor to your food. Herb gardens are something everyone should try and get going on their porch or backyard. Here is a link for ready to go heirloom seed kit: https://amzn.to/3KgAotP

  • Learn to WildCraft – The art of wildcrafting is essentially learning what plants grow in your area and how to turn them into either edible foods or medicine. I personally believe that knowing your local plants is more useful than gardening and you can get all the health benefits you need from plants right from your local area. Plants are mostly useful for micronutrients and phytochemicals that help keep us healthy and fight infection. They will not provide for your nutritional needs. So plants should always be considered supplemental to your basic caloric needs. So when choosing foods, always choose the most calorically dense foods to keep you fueled. If you have an interest in learning wildcraft, then make sure to take our Wild Crafter course and we can teach what you need to know about edible plants and medicine making in 3 days. It’s not everything you need to know, but it’s a strong foundation to build off. https://survivalschool.us/the-wild-crafter/

In conclusion, with Geo-Political events playing out the way they are in the news, I think it would be wise to make some basic preparations now before it’s too late. Because once the shelves are empty, there is nothing you can do to remedy it. And if you already have all your meat and grains for the year purchased, then you’re way ahead of the game.

There are no real strategic reserves in the US for these items, we are totally dependent on global supplies. During Clinton’s era, he did away with the strategic grain reserve that would feed Americans in case of emergency. And at any given time there are only 8 lbs of meat in cold storage per American citizen. So if we have some kind of major hiccup in supply lines, food will run out almost overnight. Don’t get caught unprepared. And get some training, we can help 😉

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