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Colorado Survival School Open!

Colorado Survival Training Dates to be published by April 15, 2019!


Colorado Survival School Lead Instructor Bio


My goal is to help you relearn the skills of your ancestors.  Whether you are a descendant of the Vikings, Native Americans, Picts, or other honorable people, one thing is undeniable: none of us would be here if our ancestors were not survivors.  I was raised in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado by my grandfather: an avid outdoorsman, hunting guide, and mountain man.  It was not uncommon for this man to track, kill, and dress a deer before first period at school.

As I grew into my teenage years, I had what can be described as a rocky time and often I would use my grandfather’s skills to take off and live in the woods for prolonged periods of time.  Later in life the United States Marine Corps took what my grandfather and the Boy Scouts started and fine tuned it while adding some discipline.  I was honored to serve with the Special Operations K9 both pre and post 9/11.  Because I was K9 I had the privilege of attending several schools, federal and private, that many service men would not get to attend.  It also sent me on many missions ranging from extremely dangerous to just flat out amazing.  The Corps is huge on pulling people out of the field occasionally, especially during war, to teach real world things they have learned.  It was during a counter sniper training course with Special Operations Training Group that I realized I love to teach.

I left the Marines with the intent of pursuing my same job with one of the federal branches, but while on that path I met my wife and started a family and decided spending a majority of my life in high risk situations was irresponsible.

Parents would see skills that my children, I have 4, had and ask me to teach a class or attend a Cub Scout gathering.   I loved every minute, and decided to truly become like my grandfather I needed to start seeking out the best in the world and learn everything I could from them.  This path led me to the instructors at Sigma Three, and the life changing decision to once again join the ranks of the elite, this time in the capacity of an Instructor.

I enjoy teaching classes to all ages and skills, ranging from “Never been in the mountains before” through “Avid outdoorsmen”.

I am honored to be part of one of the most well organized, qualified, and comprehensive survival schools in the world.

Style:  a mix of military methods and those taught by my grandfather.

Mission: My intention is to help people to train to be their own hero and to help them be able to provide for themselves and those they love in any situation and environment. The real goal is to help you reconnect with the skills and strength of your ancestors.

Philosophy:  Sometimes a teacher, always a student.

Personal Motto: Good enough is not good enough

Military history: Veteran in the USMC, mainly serving in Special Operations and Special Reaction Teams K9.

Specialty skills: (Some but not all)

-Tracking and scouting with k9                                  -CQB (Close Quarter Battle skills)

-Counter sniper operations                                        -Search and Rescue

-Primitive fire techniques                                            -Customs and border patrol

-Explosive detection                                                     -Primitive navigation techniques

-Wildcrafter (edible and medicinal plants)             -Bowyer course (bow making)

-Operations against guerrilla units                           -Scout knife only survival

-Antiarmor operations                                                 -Natural Cordage and its uses

-Basic forward observation procedures                   -Water procurement and purification techniques

-USMC hand to hand instructor                                 -Primitive containers and their uses

-Modern and primitive shelters and how to enjoy them

-Primitive methods of food procurement               -Secret Clearance obtained

Certifications: (Some but not all)

-Sigma 3 Survival Certified Instructor level 1         -Monadnock Defensive Tactics System

-Military working dog handler course                     -Healthcare Provider CPR and AED

-USMC Marine Corps Martial Arts Program Instructor

For Direct Information call Aaron Hutchings 303-279-3198


or email at [email protected]


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