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SIGMA 3 Survival School is the most comprehensive survival training school in the world and in time that we have been open to the public, we have done quite a bit of work with different production companies. Our instructors have experience in dealing with video production for major cable networks such as the History Channel, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, and many other well known media sources. We are constantly getting asked to do appearances due to the unique nature and training elements of our school. Each instructor is hand picked because they are the best in the country at one specific skill set that we recruit them to teach. We have over 30 instructor globally that have graduated from our international instructor program and we have tons of in-house instructors with very divese backgrounds. Make sure to check out our instructor resume list for more details, though that is only a very small list of our instructors. If you have an interest in doing a shoot or you just need us a resource for your article then SIGMA 3 is more than happy to help on all types of requests!


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  • Founder was recently cited as expert for new “American Survival Guide” from Beckett Media
  • JP Offroad Magazine – Resource for survival info and featured as instructor in recent article.
  • BBC (British Broadcasting Network/ Recently helped in the recruiting of preppers for a new documentary)
  • And numerous other news organizations contact us for quotes about survival; including Time Magazine


Projects Instructors have been picked for or participated in:

  • Recently featured in new survival show documentary called America Unplugged for
  • Sportsmans Channel
  • Countdown to Apocalypse for History Channel Documentary
  • Zero Dark Thirty consulting
  • Triple Frontier
  • Various movie scripts
  • Picked for Naked and Afraid but declined due to contract stipulations
  • Participated in pilot for show Dude Your Screwed
  • The founder has filmed numerous TV spots in the past and understands the production process.
  • Numerous spots on local news.
  • We understand Reality TV and the documentary process.