Canadian Survival School

The Canadian Survival School location is in the heart of Quebec in some of the most pristine and un-touched virgin forests you’ve ever seen. The programs in this location are ran by Level 1 SIGMA 3 Instructor Michael Lizotte, who also has his own survival school by the name of Redbeard Survival. Michael is one of the most skilled and talented survival instructors we have ever had the privilege to work with. He is a combat veteran working as an infantryman in the Canadian infantry, and had an illustrious career serving with foreign fighting forces in Afghanistan. The property that you’ll be training on is approximately a 1000 acres and the beauty of this place is hard to fathom until you’ve been there. If you have an interest in training in the Canadian boreal forest, then this is the place to go. The Transcontinental trail runs right through this property and you can snowmobile from one side of the country to the next with this trail.

Pick Up Instructions

We are situated only 35 minutes from Quebec City, Quebec, so if amenities are needed, then they can be had with a reasonably short drive. At our training grounds you will look off into the horizon and see nothing but wilderness in all directions. Even though the Quebec Survival School has a remote feel, you can easily drive to it with any vehicle. If you are flying in for training to the Canadian Survival School, you’ll need to arrange your flight plans with Michael Lizotte. If arriving by vehicle, then you’ll go directly to the address listed above and park near the farm house.

Contact Info:

Michael Lizotte

Phone-  +1-581-922-4841

Email-  [email protected]


Overnight Stay: You’ll be expected to camp for any courses run at this location and should be prepared for cold and wet weather. You’ll be solely responsible for your camping arrangements on the 1000 acre property and you should pack light as to make travel on the property easy.

By Plane: The closest airport is in Québec City airport YQB. The airport is approximately 45 minutes from our training facility. If you need someone to pick you up from the airport then please make arrangements with us well before you arrive ($40 round trip). SIGMA 3 is more than happy to accommodate your travel needs and the only thing we ask is that you pitch in some gas money. Here is the link to our local airport: https://www.aeroportdequebec.com/en

Note: Please let us know well in advance if you require someone to pick you up from the airport so that we can schedule it! Thanks and we look forward to training with you soon!