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Founder/President & Head Instructor


Generalist, Survival, Bushcraft, Medical, Tactical &Preparedness skills!


Always Prepared! “Semper Paratus”


Perception is Reality!

Welcome to SIGMA 3 Survival, my lifelong hobby, passion, career, and school created to spread self reliance all over the world! I created this school because of the lack of elite wilderness survival training in the US. There are hundreds of schools to choose from but not many good ones with a solid teaching curriculum of skills that would work anywhere in the world. My idea behind this training program was to empower people to explore deeper into the wilderness and get off the beaten path. I was never one to hike trails and always preferred bushwhacking into uncharted territory to set up in places where I wouldn’t run into other people. I wanted to empower people like me with more skills to remain safe no matter where they traveled to and to survive indefinitely, with only a knife and their wits.

I wanted to empower people from around the world to lose themselves in the outdoors and become immersed in the majesty that God has created around us. I also wanted to train people to be better stewards of the land, and I thought the best way to do that was to educate them. Love for the wilderness first comes from knowledge of it. That is what set me on the path to creating this school and recruiting survival instructors from all over the world.

My skills are a mix of military methods as well as the Old Ways of our ancestors. Ever since my youth I have had a calling for the wilderness and a love for the wild places. I believe it is important for every person to pit themselves against mother nature to truly know themselves and to train themselves to be able to survive. Though I will teach many classes, I do not plan on being the main focus of the school, as many founders in other schools try to be. My skills are more than acceptable in all the fields, and I have made it an obsession to train under the best instructors in the world in my own personal training. However, it is my pleasure to personally recruit the most talented instructors from across the planet to teach the skills they are specialized in, instructors who are absolute masters of their specific art. My mission is to provide the highest quality training with the best instructors for prices that most can afford!

Mission: To create completely self reliant survivalists capable of walking off into the land with nothing but their knife and surviving indefinitely! I also strive to bring the best tactical instructors in the world to SIGMA 3. Survival is the art of keeping your ass alive in any environment, and we endeavor to prepare you for just about anything!

Call/Text me @ 417-522-8172

Military History: Veteran in the US Army mainly serving in Combat Engineering Operations

Combat Deployment AO’s: Iraq

Relevant High Risk Military Training: Secret Clearance Obtained, demolitions training, CPR and combat trauma, IED/VBIED convoy operations, convoy ambush tactics, MOUT (military operations for urban terrain), field infantry tactics, urban warfare operations, small unit combat training, land nav, radio operations, static security operations, carbine and instinctive shooting, pistol and grenade (qualified expert), operated the AT4/SAW/claymore, Off-road driving training, and much more.

Trojan Securities

SOLO wilderness medic school is originator for a majority of all training done in the world in remote and emergency medicine. SOLO trains approximately 10,000 students a year and is the most highly acclaimed wilderness medicine school in the world. It was truly a pleasure to train with them and their elite team of instructors!

The Human Path

Herbal Medic Program certification (50 hr)- One of the premier herbal medicine training programs in the country. World class course on how to make all the medicine you will ever need, right from the land and plants around you!

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