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Hey Everyone,

We have started a new AMAZING program for you to save money on our courses! Our school is growing bigger everyday, and we are expanding into all kinds of areas around the internet and we need your help. In order for us to get more internet exposure we need to post  links on other popular  sites to our website Home Page. So, we are giving credit in exchange for you posting links to our website. You should post this info in commentary on news, survival/tactical/preparedness forums, or anything related to what we do here at SIGMA 3 Survival School. Anywhere you can post a link to our site gets you credit.
If you sign up for this program then we will update you on the keywords that need to be posted. For every link you make, you will receive ONE dollar towards training credits. So if you post 300 links then you get $300 towards to our training programs. Certain specialty courses will have a cap on the credit but every course that we offer has lots of training credit availability. It literally takes seconds and you could pay for entire courses in a short amount of time! In order to participate in this program you  need to Contact Us and let us know you want to trade links for credit. In order to trade in your links for credit you just need to make a list of the links and email it to us when you sign up for a course! That simple. 100 Links=$100


This is our first keyword term project. This is how we should list ourselves to ensure optimal consideration by Google:
Sigma 3 Survival School
The hypertext (HTML) for this is:
Sigma 3 <a href=””>Survival School</a>
Note that the hyperlink text portion is the anchor text and is “Survival School”.

So basically everytime you mention SIGMA 3 Survival School you need to hyperlink the survival school portion  of our name to Just post SIGMA 3 Survival School to get a training credit. Contact Us if you have any questions.



This post may contain affiliate links which means I may receive a commission from purchases made through the links. I only recommend products I personally use and love, so if you support what we are doing, thanks for clicking.

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