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Homesteading Tips- How to Make Your Own Dog Food

Making homemade dog food is so simple that your gonna slap yourself on the head, and say “why didn’t I think of that”. All you do is keep your leftover food from dinners, the trap line, and any other way that you have extra meat scrapes, rice, or vegetable leftovers. You blend them up and feed em to your pups! Now remember that there a lot of foods you don’t want to put in your dog’s food, and Almeda will explain those to you in the video below. Most dog foods bought from store don’t contain all the essential nutrients that your dogs need so we as responsible owners should do something to supplement their needs. In the dog food production industry, the factories will heavily boil all the protein and it will destroy the essential enzymes your dog needs. That is one of the many reasons that making your dog some supplemental food is so important. Corporate America isn’t going to look out for your pups, so you’re going to have to do that by getting educated on what your animal needs. And since most people have an excess of scraps from their kitchen that they are just going to throw out anyway, it’s a no brainer and a perfect answer to our dog’s needs.
Permaculture is the idea of permanent culture, to use the available resources that you have around you in abundance to meet all your sustainable living needs. Here at SIGMA 3, we are growing our company in a much greener way than many other corporations. We believe that it is important to leave less of a footprint here on earth so that we have less impact on the surrounding ecosytems. Not to get all bush hippy on you guys, but we all have to start changing our ways and learn to live in harmony with the land. Homesteading and permaculture is the future of a sustainable world and we need to all get educated on it. We have to use what we have and create very little waste. Creating closed loop systems is the key to securing a sustainable future for everyone. Essentially we should mimic nature and leave nothing to waste. And by using existing systems nature has created for us, we can lessen our work load and do more for the environment.
It is amazing to see some of the recent technology has been created through Bio Mimicry technology. Please google it and look at some of the amazing technological feats that have been accomplished from sampling learning techniques from nature. What the modern world is just now starting to figure out, is that nature already had the answers figured out long ago and all that we need is to have awareness of our surroundings. We must be aware of how everything works in nature and learn how those sustainable systems have been created, and then try to mimic it.
Creating your own home made dog food can be one way of helping your animals health and using permaculture to make an impact on your footprint. This may sound dramatic, but every little bit helps! So hopefully you will enjoy this video and start using your leftover scraps for your dog’s greater health. Tune in for more blogs to come on all kinds of topics to cover: permaculture, survival skills, upcoming school news, and much more! If you have an interest in learning these skills to improve your life, make sure to check out our instructor programs so that you can immerse yourself into these skills. Thanks again for your support. Please share this video and article with others!

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